Could it be? (And Ciney)

It’s too soon to tell if this is a trend or an artefact(*) of players’ exploring the new gameplay dynamics. But I’ve been noting that while some players complain about the rise in epic-length battles since 1.27, others are talking about the frontline.

mapchg.gifTonight, for instance, a lot of towns shifted and shifted back. Tomorrow night, players will log back in and find things not much different than when they started playing yesterday evening. Unless they are starting to get the 1.27 changes. The points of the frontline are roughly similar, but the makeup of the frontline definitely changed. And since supply is no-longer magicly generated by towns… That could make all the difference.

I lucked out tonight, I spawned in at a battle going on at Ciney, aeropaus leading. All too quickly I forgot I had a packet logger and a second copy of the game running, and piled into the fight.

Theory of mind disciplines

(A brief aside from my scheduled programme)

At an early age, around 4-6, we develop a Theory of Mind: we become aware that perception of the world is a simulation in others as well as ourselves. (See Theory of Mind, Simulation Theory, Sally-Anne Test – if you have subscriptions to Nature or New Scientist you can find much better articles there)

Indeed, the failure of mirror-neurons, that are currently understood to be a key part of this process, has been linked to the development of autism. (The nova segment is actually surprisingly good and may fire off some lightbulbs for a game dev or two)

It’s my speculation that programming is one of many disciplines that requires us to apply our theory of mind to a conceptual entity. To use those parts of the brain designed for simulating a model of how another person thinks to instead simulate how an inanimate series of objects or a conceptual system operates and works. Librarians do it, medical translators do it, mechanics do it, engineers do it, etc, etc. But within each of these disciplines there are different stratum of specialization, levels of interaction outside and beyond the conceptual entity.