RDP Exposed

It’s actually been there for a little while but it didn’t make the “New” list until this week.

RDP stats. Gives the current cycle #, goal in points and points produced.

If you were using it before (and one or two of you had found it) the format changed with 1.27. In order to implement the /rdp command in-game, I had the RDP cycle script export the finalized data to the game database, and I decided to use that instead of the rather crude way I was calculating it before.


I do believe I just heard Killban orgasm from here.

Damnit, I thought I was being quiet.

I will take a look at my scripts and start pulling the data from this new data.

Which id is which?

1 – Germany
3 – British
4 – French

That was my take. The figures are so close, I cannot work out from that and the RDP percentages on the country pages.

How often does it update?

I take the figures every 15 minutes at the moment, but with a more frequent update rate, and with what looks like a more accurate percentage figure, my graphs will be more accurate.

Cheers KFS.

I need to contact you / Doc / Killer about my trip out to Rat HQ. I shall do that this weekend.

OK, maybe:-

1 – British
3 – French
4 – German

Any chance we can get the start time on the AOs? Would be really helpful, sorry for the hijack.

Ok, when Sres already brings some suggestions, here an error and a suggestion from me:

Error – Link is missing between ID#296 and ID#284 or in words between Montherme and Rocroi

Suggestion – Each country receives a side ID. It is simply logic and would help a lot at the moment in my capture ticker, so if you choose allied as side, you can only choose between britisch and french and then also only a french or britsh HCUnit ;)


KFS1, will you eventually be doing cs&r data on here also?

Erh, yes Kill, the whole point of WireTap is that it exposes data in a “use me” rather than “read me” fashion — whenever an ID is used, there’s [supposed to be] somewhere explaining what the ID is. If there isn’t a file listed here then check the the wwiiol-meta .js or .xml file.

Drave: it was already fixed before 1.27 but Gophur didn’t receive the modified terrain in time to publish it yet. That’s what was causing so many CTDs in the Ciney area.

scking – I’ve no idea. Due to the potential amount of data it’s likely we will provide it on a pay-for basis so that people can create their own stats sites but so that average-joe doesn’t start pulling down gb’s of stats data.

Ehm, so this link currently doesn’t exist ingame? This isn’t only an entry error in wiretap? Well then everything is ok *g*

CS&R API on pay-for basis? Oh c’mon.
And what is, when I want to start my own stats application? That won’t function with username and password. Every idiot could read the pw with a package sniffer.


Is there any chance you could provide a wiretap thingy showing the current resupply timers for each side?

drave wrote:
That won’t function with username and password. Every idiot could read the pw with a package sniffer.”


Well, at least you demonstrated why there’s a point at which you need to set a bar to entry. When you’ve finished web content services 101, come back and impress us some more.


I thought I saw a post in the forums about the RDP and cycle and the values..

The wiretap-xml-thingamagic has 10000 as the “goal”.

You mentioned 7000 as the cycle… Does the wiretap use 10k instead of 7k or is the value just a value for completion?

I thought RDP cycles were variable based on what was being selected to be worked on.

The goals vary by cycle, but the goal for each country is the same for any given cycle.

First cycle = 7000 points, second = 10000

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