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I’ve been seeing several WireTap apps coming on really well; both Ampos and SLR have been pushing links to them, so I’m going to add a Links section to the WireTap pages – I’ve already moved the sample tools there, I’ll try and do a bit more cleanup on the site itself in my spare time this week.

If you have been working on WireTap based tools and would like them linked from the official pages, drop a comment here, preferably with a “front page” link, download link and docs links – don’t worry if all you have is a download link, that’s OK too :)

If you want to include a screenshot, make one called wt_sshot.jpg and place it alongside the download, if you want your screenshot thumbnailed on wiretap, create a smaller version of it called wt_sshot_t.jpg. Dimensions must be 200px 160px – minimize, crop or pad as need be, but those are the dimensions I will be cooercing it to.



(ALthoug is not really a wiretap app, it can read and use wiretap datas)

main program (documentation inside): http://www.ampostata.org/The_HC_Game/The_HC_Game.zip

music pack (not needed): http://www.ampostata.org/The_HC_Game/music.zip

There is some concern in regards to the amount of intelligence that can be gleaned from wiretap. Is there a delay on the publishing of the data? ie 15 minutes? And if not can we have one added?

Some things are delayed yes, if you look at the XML files they will tell you, captures are not for sure.

Nothing sensitive is really available that you can’t already see if you are in game, apart from the name of a capper, so I don’t see much of an issue with it. Most of it would be fairly pointless in any case if it was significantly out of date, and there probably wouldn’t be any applications.

Here’s mine:

Instructions etc:




I’ll sort out a screenshot later.

I’m also putting up some information on the Wiki page. Roughing it in at this point, KFS1 will probably want to expand more on what Wiretap is, etc.

Hopefully the rest of CRS will see this as a valuable resource and start releasing more information, I’m sure squads/players would pay a little extra to get their statistics on xml feeds.

Very unlikely people would pay for that, Sres. Not that we should do it/allow wiretap to.

People probably wouldn’t pay to have an XML feed of their stats to play with, but squads would probably be willing to pay something for having their squad stats XML-feed enabled with trivial password security so that they can control who can access it.

I wouldn’t pay for it, but a squad head to head performance would be cool, or brigade to brigade.

Brigade pwnage.

Brigades earn points for knocking other brigades off the map. Squads affiliated to brigades.

More points the quicker you can move, the faster you resupply.

Just some quick thoughts off the top of my head that have nothing to do with xml feeds.

Oh brigade level XML feeds of stats info.

I don’t know who does markiting (sic) at PlayNet or WWIIOL, but you should see how much Stats are quoted.

People would not pay for “statistics”. They won’t pay $5.00 for ‘coffee’ either.

For “Starbucks” and “Stats!” they will pay. Just add the $1.19 to every account and allow some to “Opt Out” if they UNcheck the box.

Then hire a database guy and measure EVERYTHING. Don’t let anyone pick and choose, they must get all or nothing. Starbucks don’t give no free Venti sized samples, gents.

People will never ‘pay’…except taxes or bail money.

People will always *buy* ‘value’, especially when it is artfully markited and provides “The Only Long Lived Item in WWIIOL” The only non-ephermal, non-resettable, non-changable thing:

The statistics of all they did. That can live forever.


And then go sell that.

People might be prepared to pay a nominal amount, but authentication would complicate any apps or websites which download data, and might create additional admin overhead for CRS/Playnet. IMO it is something that is more likely to add value to the game for players, which helps keep them interested and subscribed, rather than a direct revenue stream.

Individual player stats would be nice I guess, but the CS&R website does a very good job of presenting that information already. Squad member lists would be useful, but that information is not in the public domain in-game so it is sensitive. It would be more appropriate for that to be kept under CRS control and presented in the main WWIIOL website somehow, so you could only see your own squad.

Most of the wiretap feeds are things that aren’t well represented by the current WWIIOL websites, so it makes sense to allow players with the time and inclination to develop tools which CRS may not have the resource to provide at this time. There’s nothing to say that they couldn’t take the best ideas from all the apps and do something official later on.

I’d have to disagree really, take a look at Sony and their extras packages that come with their games, paying $2 to get a lot of information.

Having the ability to show your statistics in the official forums is a big thing for a lot of players, look at the steam statistics, people love statistics, I’d have thought Americans would have understood this as all your sports are statistically broken down play by play in many cases. Information overload when watching Football for example.

Wiretap is great for what it delivers, the software that the wwiiol geeks are putting together make Wiretap priceless.

SLRs software has had 416 downloads to date and that’s just the people who visit the official forums, imagine how many would download it if it was put on the newsletter?

I’m sure there are quite a few of us who are interested enough to write the Apps/Sites to process the data.

I wouldn’t do business with an company that sold me my stats. And I don’t.

Just because you could, hypothetically, sell something, doesn’t mean you should.

They should be there as an added value, factored into the price, which is already set in this case. Customers have already purchased the service. It functions better as a retention effort than a profit center.

Those football stats are all free, Sres.

Maybe we should start charging for support requests and for each forum post too.

And I don’t.

Well, that’s perfectly fine, nobody’s talking about charging you for your stats – help yourself to CS&R.

So, how are you going to cover the operating costs of a full-service WireTap? You’re going to be offering – free – more bandwidth than the game uses, and you’re going to need a dedicated database server and at least 3 of those top-end Dell boxes to provide the web service.

After all, if its any good, and someone develops a good client app, you’ll have people pulling down 60-600kbps of data direct to their own PCs, unless you’re going to be investing a hell of a lot of development time into manging all that.

. CS&R: Free
. WireTap basic: Free
. WireTap squad: CO pays small fee (monthly?) to have his squad data XML exposed
. WireTap feed: monthly $ fee for access to heavyweight data accessible from a static IP.

And if the “squad” level complicates things, just drop it all together and don’t provide that feed. But its already been proven by several products to be a model that works as long as you don’t have to pay to get the data.

but authentication would complicate any apps or websites which download data, and might create additional admin overhead for CRS/Playnet.

I actually had to stop and think about how you could do it badly enough to create those problems; but I have to conceed, yes, the possibility does infact exist that if we let someone who didn’t know anything about web-content delivery and who went out of their way to avoid well-known methods and practices for fairly standard and basic web-content delivery, they could potentially introduce some unecessary complications.

Ampos – sorry it took me so long, Akismet spam filter appears to eat anything with a URL in it.

[quote]So, how are you going to cover the operating costs of a full-service WireTap?[/quote]

Plan for and build it in to the cost of the project. Right after on-call masseuse, Pizza or BBQ friday, a company Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 with large assortment of games, and some video cards for staff computers that aren’t 3 generations old.

One Fee to rule them all.

Here, with a product already released, we would be getting players to ‘buy’ the service by not unsubscribing. Customer retention is our most important goal.

I really don’t see a player unsubbing or not subbing at all because – in addition to free CSR – if they want to build their own CS&R service they have to pay a fee to get access to raw XML data above and beyond the stuff – CSR and WireTap – we’d continue to provide for free.

KFSONE gets it.

..and he wants a 401(k). :)

You should too, LATHAM. :P

Thinking about money is not a bad thing. People will only buy what they see value in; whether its raw and allows them to create something, or finished and able to be displayed.

If you get creative with Stats and Screenshots, and AAR somehow – actions that a player finds heroic might be worth a buck or two to save and easily display. imho.

Profit is a reward for risk. CRS has absorbed a lot of risk. Its time to think of more ways to turn that to a modest step up in profit.

I’m guessing, since Latham hasn’t said anything here, that you’re talking to me, Joker?

Rest assured, I get it. I always got it. I got it when I got here in 2000.

I simply disagree on what is worth charging for as a separate item. The list of things I’ve tried to get developed as ‘value adds’ and revenue generators is a Highway 80 of shelled out vehicles.

But perhaps you have more generic axioms about business?

That last reply almost makes it sound as though your dismissing the idea out of being petty, but I have a hard time seeing you as petty. Maybe if I manage to pull off an access-chargeable topend sub-set of WireTap we can reverse engineer what I did and try to apply it to some of our other ideas ;)

Hooray for chargeable value-adds as a selective mechanism for encouraging selected aspects of game interaction by means of targeted supplementation *and* synergistically benefiting from community creativity *and* self-funding the development and provision of marketing-useful customer-subset interface and feature optimizations that otherwise would be too narrowly consumed to be economical.

Hmm yeah. Can you just go ahead and gather your things and move downstairs to your new desk in the basement? Mkay? Thanks.

BLOO – without shame I admit that I don’t know who does what at CRS. I take no shot at you are anyone, individually.

As to generic business bromides; you don’t know what I do, either. :) So, you can be excused (and politely, lovingly so (loving in a humanity loving sense tyvm!)). Suffice it to say, revenue is something I understand.

For the secrets of Markiting, I have only the knowledge gained through watching Frisky Dingo on Adult Swim: “Direct Mail: The Dry Hump of Marketing”.

I have met you, BLOO, and like you. I think I hit a soft spot that you feel you might feel your CRS brethren share about your ideas. Please continue to fuel the “‘value adds’ and revenue generators is a Highway 80 of shelled out vehicles.” (witty non-generic metaphor that is!).

I have also met LATHAM, and no one can fail to love him upon meeting him and seeing his big smile.

I cast no stones. I want you to succeed, and want CRS to succeed. That is all.

But I do recommend a Direct Mail campaign.


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