IE7 fails to resize select boxes properly – or something

I’m trying to add a select box with a list of brigades to the HC Movements tool. All fairly basic stuff, I’m just adding new elements to the <select/> tag and it works fine, ‘cept for one small problem. IE7 fails to propagate the resize of the select box upwards until you alt-tab and back or resize the browser window.


My google-foo fails me on finding a solution for this.


Speedhack: o’rly?

2007-10-28 20:20:38 RPRT <someone> /report possible speek hack in bitburg capped two tables in less than 1 minute [German 33.Infanterie 1.Kampfgruppe keiron mission cell#147 near Bitburg N49.57.43 E6.31.18]

Ok. Lets take a look…

Internet combustible after all

I should probably show some respect for the poor folks whos lives and loved ones are in grave peril as God’s wrath consumes California. But I’m just annoyed by how its interfering with my connectivity. I’m actually keeping a DOS prompt open to manually add routes depending on which of my ISPs can send packets unsinged to my destination of choice.

I had to call Cogent the other night because 70% of our customers suddenly lost connectivity to the game. The support rep I spoke to was “aware” of some problems with “packet loss”. I noted that my, albeit quite humble, looking glass traces all seemed to be flapping around SoCal links, which he confirmed was consistent with information they had on the issue at that point and when I mentioned the fires, his “woah” seemed to indicate a leap of association he hadn’t made at that point.

I haven’t seen anything since to say it was fire related but if it was, those of us living comfortably away from the flames might not want to scoff to heartily at the poor folks in flamey peril.

I wonder, with global warming and all, if we’ll soon be naming wild fires like we do cyclones :(

Losing the spam war

I’ve often wanted to post on my frustration with the spam that bombards my blog, but I figured that quoting any of it would just draw more of the same kinds of spammers.

Lum does it with pictures. Uhm, I’ve just been waiting for the right picture ;)

My home domain gets between 300mb to 2.5gb of spam mails (and faked-header bounces) per day, all traffic that I pay for. I’m not a violent person but if I caught wind of a spammer lynching, I would literally run to the store to buy rope. After all – this is a war.

Roermond: Part 2

As requested, with voice narration – which might completely ruin it for you :)

I decided to run with the bulk of the remaining footage – runs at around 44 minutes. I had some footage of different vis levels and such but I mistook it for out-takes when I was freeing up some disk space for rendering :(

Props to Apple

In amongst other companies, I ragged on Apple for sneaking unwanted extras into the Quicktime installer, for their sneaky introduction of uninhibitable auto-update, etc.

I’m trying to create a quicktime version of the Roermond movie, but I had uninstalled Quicktime months ago. So I decided to reinstall it for rendering the movie, and I was very pleased to see the installer ask me if I wanted iTunes. Then it asked me if I wanted auto-update enabled and lastly it didn’t hijack every single mime extension going.

So I won’t be uninstalling it again :) I hope other developers learn these lessons from Apple.

Roermond: Part 1

The first hour of the big Roermond fight from Monday. This is “buzzard footage” – not the static bunker watch of the last movie, but it’s still not Spielberg and its certainly not a promo movie. I wound up trimming the first hour down to 15 minutes but avid WWIIers – especially those who’ve fought in Roermond lately – especially Monday :)

1 hour 30 minutes of Roermond

Damn. That was pretty awesome. I missed the first 30-40 minutes of the 2 hour battle. Amazing how it surged to and fro. It’s mostly just buzzard footage – although this time I wasn’t stuck watching anything but players. I didn’t get cinematic but I got some “eye level” footage which makes the buzzard-view footage the more dramatic. Caught some awesome shots and action, caught the first foot hold, the smoke screen, storming the bridge, the sacrificial 251 runs, the lucky newbie. I was going to film the bunker capture but the Allies fell back.

There is tons of infantry fighting, there’s armor fighting going on all over the place, you can see the Axis Tier1 RDP cycle kick in as waves of Pak38s and tanks roll out, unfortunately the Allies hadn’t been daft enough to drain all of their ATGs/tanks and they managed to hold back the first wave of armor, but at the cost of pretty much all of theirs.

I switched icons on and off in a few places so you could see how dramatically different it can look when you are seeing the game thru “grunt” eyes – those are the ones that make you go “no way? but that place is crawling?!?” I also switched vis mode a couple of times so you can see how radically different dialup and broadband are…

There’s so much footage here that it’ll take me a couple of days to put it into film format, and probably a day to render the damn thing – but I’m going to.

Awesome battle! It’ll close with the huge flood of Allied troops surging from MSPs for the counter attack…

Update: Part 1 now available.

Oh, be like that then.

I am the unhappy owner of an Asus motherboard. A couple years ago I bought an AN8 Ultra Socket 939 nForce4 based motherboard.

Shortly afterwards, Asus discontinued it. Even more shortly afterwards, they discontinued supporting it. Now they no-longer even list it on their website although their list goes back to 1995.

Wishing to commence further messing around with my Triton keyboard, I bought an optical s/pdif cable. Who knew that 6 feet optical is about 4 feet normal. I thought I was hallucinating, then it dawned on me that – I’m 6ft 2 tall. The cable should reach my feet from around shoulder height. Instead I have to hold it around navel-to-chest height in order for it to graze the top of my foot. This was my first omen.

Noise rules

The working title for the air grid is “Air Warning System”. I suggested “Airly Warning System” but I don’t think Gophur got the joke.

Objectives: Kill skirting, Don’t kill strat bombing, Air combat attractor (dateline for fighter jocks).