Not a bad intermission

I kind of wish it hadn’t started with the default starting lines but – honestly – we lack any good tools for map setup with bde deployments. What makes the intermission neat is the gameplay. The winner will be based on who kicks the most brigades/divisions off the map, and routed brigades are off for the entire intermission.

We’re also running a few cool new scripts – which I’m going to post an announcement on tomorrow including the new auto-ao-placement script (brigade focused rather than town focused) and our new “brigade strength report”.

The host got patched for the intermission with new brigade movement rules — you can’t move a brigade off-map from a pocket, unless its a ground brigade and it is down to 10% infantry; should be an announcement about that and an increase to the off-map time (for all bdes) tomorrow.

I also snuck in some GM tool changes I’ve been working on: a note system for checking history on player’s accounts and logging on a player’s ping (if they’re using netcode2) in .reports and stuff.

Tomorrow we’re doing a bunch of testing of Jaeger’s performance work and then Friday we have a big sit down with Gophur/Ramp and plan out a dev schedule for 1.28 features.

UK player killban swung by the office Monday, which caught us all a little by surprise despite the fact we’d had several weeks notice. TBH, when someone flies 3000 miles to “visit” you tend to want to have something to show off but we’re at that point in the dev cycle where there’s nothing interesting to show.

We got Martini to show us, ahm, a building. Rendered in the new graphics engine with reflections but … Just a building.

We saw Doc looking at a town in the terrain editor. *Cough* And just about everyone else was off sick, in a meeting or out to lunch.

Thanks for stopping by, though, Kill :) Hope I didn’t bore you and your wife senseless :)

Lastly, sad news :( HALLPASS (snellman) returned to Finland today :( I was hoping to go to lunch with the gang today but … intermission. Allan – we’ve really appreciated all your hard and varied work – you’ve been a real boon to the team. I hope suddenly being free of Doc won’t cause your head to explode :) All the very best with your degree!


what about if a brigade “surrender” (sent back to home), adjament enemie brigades get a instant supply on their pool, simulating captured equipment?

On our squad forums Killban’s said that he’d enjoyed his visit to the Rats HQ, especially the buzzard cam which you demonstrated to him.

And I’m sure it was a very nice building Martini showed him!!



After the last patch I”ve had terrible packet loss. I’ve been using netcode2 for quite a while now, so I switched back and forth between “best”, “primary” and “secondary”.

I ran ping-plotter and there were no problems there.

Just before I was about to totally loose it, I decided to turn netcode2 off, and guess what? Smoooth gameplay all night long!



KFS, I am an architect and have experience with 3d modeling of buildings. Had approached killer about this but got nowhere. What kind of program do you use? I’ve been interested in doing some freelance work for you guys for some time.

1.27 was a great patch for me at least. Connectivity much improved and love the new level of strategy added to the game. Having performance issues while taking part of attacks, eg. looking into towns, not so in similarly packed defenses looking away from towns.

Looking forward to the next installment and hope the rendering engine improves performance.


If what makes intermission ‘neat’ is the gameplay, it would seem that there is something deeply wrong with the ordinary campaigns.

It’s neat, in that they can experiment with the new features that were implemented with 1.27. And the fact they can make the changes rather quickly.

Now if they could only reset the map to pre-configured, configurations. hmmm


My wife enjoyed getting all the travel tips from Jim and the rest of the Texans. I enjoyed the Game stuff.
The building was superb, it had walls, and windows, and even moved around a bit as well.

Scaring the crap out of players with the buzzard seemed perfectly reasonable, and almost mandatory.

I did not mind that there was nothing to show game wise. Seeing progress on OSG, and the parachuting dogs was good.

Cheers again for showing me around Oliver.

I’d have to guess that UDP and TCP travel differently across the two possible network routes you use. Nothing changed in netcode2 that would cause what you’re describing, but the network itself changes all the time.

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