Said the MSP

paranoia001.jpg “Cheating French/british in Buzancy. Give us that town NOW! WE ESERVE THE SPAWNABLE AT LEAST! They spied, trust me they did. A rank 5 came out of MSp, and just stood thier looking at map (said the MSP) and then despawned. 5 minutes or so later, an ei takes it out. [German 1.Panzer 2 Kampfgruppe isaristh mission Mouzon mission room last posn. Buzancy N49.25.7 E4.56.41]”

paranoia001-a.jpgHe raises a pretty valid point. I mean, it’s not like mobile spawns ever die under normal battlefield conditions. I feel unclean that I can’t just hand over the town. It’s certainly not as though there was anyone defending the town that might have, say, heard the truck driving up and ran out to find it.

paranoia001-b.jpgI kinda feel guilty that when this happened, instead of my usual buzzard patrol, I was hovering over Kalmthout for the second night in a row looking for some evidence of alleged cheaters. At least one Axis player informed me, quite directly, that the handful of Axis defenders were going to lose the town at any moment due to all the Allied cheaters.

We at CRS really need to learn to start listening to our players and taking their word at face value, and stop making stuff up to cover for the other guy.

(Red = Axis; to be fair, there’s as many people behind me at Schilde although nearly a dozen are Allied)

I should have taken a screenshot from the peak of the Schilde fight – the town was packed. Its quite remarkable how quick people are to conclude someone is cheating because they didn’t see who killed them, and when a town gets as busy as Schilde was tonight – or last night – the odds of you not seeing who kill you slowly starts to climb.

One guy kept insisting there were invis EI in the vehicle spawn. I kept watching as he spawned in and ran into the vehicle spawn, only to get shot by an EI in – what I would consider – the most obvious place around (I always check there when I’m defending Schilde but, ho hum).


lol, shows some people just don’t have a good perspective on things.

Especially with me labelling Kalmthout as Schilde *cough*

I think cheifwo said it the other day in the Hangar, but I too can’t believe you see every .report in your chat window like that. Must drive you bonkers.

lmao, I’ve only ever seen 2 people cheat.

The first was a speed hacker back in 2003 when one of the GM’s who was in my squad at the time, grabbed him, didn’t see him again.

Last time was recently in a bunker and it took some time to convince kfs1 that something odd happened ;)

btw, bring back your other theme for this blog, me no like this one, eye bleed inducing.

I sorry KmS

I didnt think ud actually read it yet agsin i gots pi****

Plz dont take my cookie supply away :(

YOu would think it is much easier to spot sombody cheating when they are on YOUR side, or to hear about it from your team-mates, right?

I’ve played on both sides since day one, and I’ve never seen or heard about sombody on MY side cheating.

Maybe there are little cabals of cheaters on both sides who hide from me when I’m around….


I have always wondered this as well. I mean, assumming cheating is a rampant as it is reported was true.. why have I never gotten some intel or help from a friendly cheater? I have never seen it.

So now we must suggest that a squad or elite group of “cheating vigilanties” work on their own to accomplish their objectives without friend or foe knowing about it. Sort of like Cobra Command I think.

I sure it happens but it must be almost insignificant to the game in my opinion.

The most recent cheater I saw was a clipper in a bunker. The style of bunker was the big bunker with the camo net and the multiple murder holes.

I even saw him clip into the bunker. I tried to nade him but it’s impossible to kill him. Made sure I died to him a couple of times, went to CS&R and did a /report on him. Hope he got the banstick hard :)

These guys probably know they would be reamed by their own side too, so if it’s done it’s probably with a second account or a buddy, and they only use the info to get kills themselves.

But sometimes you have to wonder. Last night I towed my bofor out half a km from the fb and I had seriously not been there one minute, without firing a shot, when a db7 comes straight in and bombs me. He came right in, did not search a second. I could have drawn a radial from my position extending to infinity and he flew in on it and blew me up. Hard to imagine he did that without knowing my position. I could have been marked by some lucky ei, but that would have required an amazing amount of coordination with ea.

Or I was just unlucky. ;-)

The /reports used to bother me at first. After a few months you learn to filter out the BS and focus on the meat.

/report Hi Oli!


You know, *cough*, I actually filtered out your name in the screenshot :) I just missed the fact you were on your own mission ;-P

We get every .report in our chat buffer (as depicted) as they come across, we get a summary daily, by email, and we also get them all in our IRC clients.

I keep one IRC client permanently connected on my Linux box at work, and I have one running on my windows box here or at home most of the time.

It’s incredibly easy to “see” cheating, in-game, until you scratch beyond the surface. Like the “canales” on Mars, everyone sees something a little different. So since what Gophur saw was completely different than what I saw, we must have seen TWO cheaters! OMG!

Seriously – Kalmthout (not Schilde) has been a hot bed of “cheat!” reports the last few nights, so we’ve had several GMs sitting watching. You spend your night sitting, watching, keeping a close eye on things, and when someone yells “OMG CLIPPER” and you say “Nope, no clipper” you’re accused of lying.

I think our GMs should be thankful they’re not allowed to respond to /reports :)

I’m working on a couple of new tools to help the GM team handling some of the most common issues – a swear filter and a command to displace someone who’s clipped (cause asking someone to despawn is LAAAAME, you’re clipped? oh, now you’re not)

@ KFS1: I made the first call for a GM to remove the allied clipper in the Kalmthout bunker last nite (Eurotime), and made everyone file .reports to have him removed. I noticed the buzzard above the bunker after a short while, and now I just want to ask; didn’t u catch him in there?

That guy was inside the wall in the table room and dropped tens of axis players running around like headless chickens not knowing what was going on.

Hope you get the displace command going. :)

Actually, that was probably before (or after) I sat over kalmthout last night. There was a really huge battle around 22:00-24:00 CDT and I got some awesome footage of it. If I get time I’ll put together a video.

“If’ I get time because I also want to build snapshots of last campaigns supply levels for HC/player AAR review.

Wow you get some weird .reports lol. Give us the town!? That’s kind of harsh hehe
That report thing is useful I guess, but also abused. When I .wtf die it could be a dozen things. lag kill, internet or game glitch, me not seeing someone etc etc, etc, etc lol long list of etc’s. I have to come to some kind of solid conclusion to make a .cheat report. I think they ban players for cheating, not positive, maybe on how they cheated or something. So it’s not something that ought to be tossed out there any time someone gets killed by an unseen opponent, or even wierd coincedence happens when so many are in the same place.

The bulk of cheaters get nipped in the bud early on by anti-cheat systems. Some we flag for observation. Others get banned by GMs or members of the CM team after review. We don’t discuss it, not least because that then hog-ties us. We’ve had cheaters .report themselves from another account.

Sometimes we suspend peoples accounts for a few hours when they insist on abusing .report for something they found suspicious but which, if they hadn’t left and gone somewhere else while continuing to spam .report and ask others to do the same, they would have realized wasn’t – like a stug that didn’t seem to want to blow up until someone drove up and put the right shot into it.

2007-09-28 16:55:38.0 RPRT xxxxxxx report remove StugG here he’s bugged, can’t be killed [French 27e Régiment d’Infanterie skellz mission cell#145 near Raville N49.8.55 E6.26.40]
2007-09-28 16:57:42.0 RPRT xxxxxxx report remove StugG here he’s bugged, can’t be killed [French 27e Régiment d’Infanterie skellz mission Raville mission room last posn. Raville N49.8.54 E6.26.42]
2007-09-28 17:06:18.0 RPRT xxxxxxx report fellows remofe Lt Col yyyyyyy his StugG is bugged and i will place this report every 5 min until he’s gone [French 1ère Brigade d’Assaut Motorisée xxxxxxx mission cell#144 near Arlon N49.42.9 E5.48.44]
2007-09-28 17:11:34.0 RPRT xxxxxxx report fellows remofe Lt Col yyyyyyy his StugG is bugged and i will place this report every 5 min until he’s gone [French 1ère Brigade d’Assaut Motorisée xxxxxxx mission cell#144 near Arlon N49.41.26 E5.50.8]

(etc, and that’s not including the 30+ other reports other players submitted on his word, only 3 of whom in the area)

Within 10 seconds of his first report, 3 buzzards were observing. And yes, they couldn’t kill the stug, he’d lost his right track which means you have to place your satchel differently, and the Cmle47 trying to shoot him was catching the top/corner of his armor which was now at a very lucky angle, deflecting the round down into the damaged engine block, where solid AP does nothing.

But before xxxxxxx’s second report, an M10 had fired a nice, healthy, side shot into the stug, it quit firing and despawned.

Imagine the chorus of ‘Cheats’ and flurry of .reports if you guys ever put in ‘Hulks’ that replicate the exact position of a tank when the player despawns (or is forced to).

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