kalm.jpgSomeone dies and out goes the “zomg cheaters in Kalmthout” alarm. I dutifully end my play session and pootle on over in a buzzard to see what’s going down. There’s a little bit going on in Kalmthout.

Kein radar, damen.

Copied from my hangar post…

We’re not adding radar.

The options we’re considering may have other roles to fill than simple rear-field alerts, because if we did add rear-field alerts — for the purposes of nerfing skirting — the same weight of punishment will also fall upon the non-skirting pilots.

JSP and htaccess

I’ve always hated Apache. I discovered Roxen (nee Spinner)  long before Apache and it has always struck me that Apache projects willfully obfuscate and convolute themselves and their documentation in a Microsoft-esque attempt to build jobs for admins.

I was trying to be lazy and set up some htaccess based auth (hacked mod_auth_mysql into a reasonable little PN:auth module). It’s all fine except for the fact that I can’t figure out (google, ask and lycos are no help) how to get at the authenticated username from within jsp… Is it even passed from apache to tomcat?

Yeah, I looked at tomcat’s container based security, but I wanted security that both apache/tomcat shared. If/when I ever have to set up some degree of limited access to wiretap, I’ll have to take a long weekend and brush up on my Apache obscurities. Bleah.