kalm.jpgSomeone dies and out goes the “zomg cheaters in Kalmthout” alarm. I dutifully end my play session and pootle on over in a buzzard to see what’s going down. There’s a little bit going on in Kalmthout.

After a while, if you’re paying enough attention, you start to get a sort of precognition of who’s gonna call “invis ei”. I spot this one guy mowing down EI with his LMG and I think… Yeah. He’s gonna.

I watch him for a while, and he’s doing pretty good. I decide maybe I’ll try for some “before and after” shots. This is my approximation of what he’s seeing – zoom level is probably not quite correct but the buzzard is clunky. Left image is with icons on, right image is with icons off, so you can see what he might be looking at, even tho, well, you probably can’t see it (right image).

kover1.jpg kover2.jpg

He finally stops his lawn mowing activities, when people stop resupplying him, and starts looking for stuff to shoot at, watching over his shoulder for several minutes I get a sense of the tension he’s building up, he keeps snapping to binos and scanning and then snapping to his LMG…

kover3.jpg kover4.jpg

Oh, but I can see it coming… With anonymous scanning frantically for the EI at the right end of the berm, along comes invisible


… and sure enough, “cheater in kaltmout!”

So I took a moment out to try and console anonymous.

why feh **** u gotta lie to me? i was looking right where the ei was at and no way he cud have seen me unless he was cheating.

Well, I decided to bow to his superior wisdom. There’s no way he could have been shot by any other player than the one he was looking at, could he?


Remember: The players to the sides and behind you are part of your vis limit too; because you can turn around at any point, the vis limit is circular – you don’t want to die to the tank 50ft behind you because of 300 players standing a half a mile infront of you ;)

Addendum: For those not familiar with the tone of writing, the EI is not invisible, hard to see, that’s why I put a little black border around him :)


Maybe the post-death shot could be re-tooled to show the corpse (but including no other units) with an arrow indicating the direction, though not the range, from which the fatal round arrived?

Maybe with a color indication (practically always on, but there’s a psychological point to be made) that the killer was on the visibles-list of the killee?

Surprised he didn’t complain about FPS stutters with you hovering around him like that. ;)

i suppose the hardest thing is to know if you’re cheating or not. i’m playing this game now since a very long time and i’m still not always sure if everything i do is allowed or not.

on the other hand, there is also some stuff in it, where i think it should be adapted accordingly. as an example, if you sap an ET on the wrong place, the whole structure changes and it is nearly impossible to kill him (you probably know my thought about this kfs1).

so it would be sweet to have a guide where the best hiding-places are, but who will tell you about his favorite sniper point… ;o)

i hope as next issue on your list, there will be some better coverage points for the attacking inf. if not there will be no other chance to get a town, then by camping it to death or having a huge overpop on this attack.
the old way the whole tactics you’ve implemented are just a small drop on a hot stone and this would be very sad.

Dude I was all ninja up on that road. left side way out. Caught above avrg kills on the guys coming in.
No allied calls of invis killers?
I’m disapointed no invis calls on me. I’ve caught guys that had to wonder wtf. Invisikiller! haha But then again I say that too. lol

Golly. “Anonymous” isn’t “tinky123”, is he?



The only way to address this is to have a kill-shot file that a player can watch offline an hour later so he can see exactly how he died. Sort of like the Starcraft battle replays, only much more limited; record the shooter, record the victim, record terrain positions, that’s it.

lol, pretty easy to work that one out eh snail :)

lol, snail

i was just gonna say something about that …lol

We need a new section in the AAR screen, it should say something like:

“You were killed by Snail, in the broomcloset with a large trout”.

““You were

Funny :) but it doesn’t address the issue. The hysterical victim would say, yes I know, but he was invisible!

A delayed kill replay feature is needed. Then the player can understand that “you were killed by Snail, in the broomcloset with a large trout because Snail was hiding behind the coat hanging in the broom-closet and you didn’t see him trout you to death.”

It would actually be a good feature to have for another reason. It reduce the learning curve in WWIIOL. A noob player would have a concrete way to watch and learn how the vets are killing him. He’d pick up on the vet skills quickly.

I have a perfect name for it, “Sergeant Replay”. :) Because it would be the game equivalent of the vet Sergeant who brings noob troops up to speed in the combat zone.


As if they’d ever put that feature in.

The bullet hits! The bullet hits! You die… –More–
Do you want your killer identified? [ynq] (n)
Do you want to see your attributes? [ynq] (y)

Final Attributes:
You were fervently allied.
You were bullet resistant.
You were stealthy.
You are dead.

*falls out of chair laughing at Tazle’s post*

Aw Kfs I wanna be the invisible EI! You’re always stalkin me with the buzzard. Get some valiant lookin screens of the Hathman up there, preferably not being ownd.

Hmm I see now that I was in Roermond Part 1. F’in pak.

Yea. Next time, more of me rockin and not bein rocked :)

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