Oh, be like that then.

I am the unhappy owner of an Asus motherboard. A couple years ago I bought an AN8 Ultra Socket 939 nForce4 based motherboard.

Shortly afterwards, Asus discontinued it. Even more shortly afterwards, they discontinued supporting it. Now they no-longer even list it on their website although their list goes back to 1995.

Wishing to commence further messing around with my Triton keyboard, I bought an optical s/pdif cable. Who knew that 6 feet optical is about 4 feet normal. I thought I was hallucinating, then it dawned on me that – I’m 6ft 2 tall. The cable should reach my feet from around shoulder height. Instead I have to hold it around navel-to-chest height in order for it to graze the top of my foot. This was my first omen.