Props to Apple

In amongst other companies, I ragged on Apple for sneaking unwanted extras into the Quicktime installer, for their sneaky introduction of uninhibitable auto-update, etc.

I’m trying to create a quicktime version of the Roermond movie, but I had uninstalled Quicktime months ago. So I decided to reinstall it for rendering the movie, and I was very pleased to see the installer ask me if I wanted iTunes. Then it asked me if I wanted auto-update enabled and lastly it didn’t hijack every single mime extension going.

So I won’t be uninstalling it again :) I hope other developers learn these lessons from Apple.


You may be surprised. I turned off the auto update feature of quicktime because it would pop up at the most inconvenient time figuring I would update it on my schedule.

Guess what? It still pops up the update at the most inconvenient times.

I refuse to install that stuff. In the words of Admiral Ackbar, “It’s a trap!”

The day QT runs in full screen without forcing me to pay for it I’ll consider installing it.

“The day QT runs in full screen without forcing me to pay for it I’ll consider installing it.”

Yeah, well, welcome to last July when they added free full screen. :) Get busy downloading.

Ralisti – Itunes tells you on the main screen what day it is going to check for next update.

I do not have itunes installed, just quicktime. It is the quicktime patcher that keeps popping up, regardless of what I set it too, and attempts to prompt me to download itunes too.

If it happens one more time, quicktime in getting deleted, again.

Get a Mac ;) no issues with anything you mention on mac version >:o)

There’s also quicktime alternative…google it…

As a server developer type of person you must be wondering why the heck everyone moved to Adobe Flash for video, even huge videos while there is excellent Real Server/ Quicktime Server and even Wmedia server available.

That stupid thing as adding itself to windows taskbar is a huge factor. Real’s bundling of questionable software (not anymore,they learned), Quicktime asking for mail address on download page, Wmedia hating every OS except Windows= Embedded flash video becomes standard.

RTSP, UDP, client statistics reporting, bandwidth switching… Forget all.. They managed to make 1994 technology (embedded video file) back to life :)

Imagine our situation, buy a Quad Core G5 Mac from Apple for thousands of dollars, buy their OS and run Quicktime Player on OS X. It says “Upgrade now.. For $30”
You can’t BUY it from Istanbul/Turkey too. You must buy like buying Quark Express or AVID class of software, manually.
At least they have added Full screen option at last. It was looking like more joke.
BTW, for Mac people who only occasionally transcode/encode video, a tiny thing: QT Amateur

For KFS1 kind of guy:
QTcoffee (command line quicktime tool set, OS X only)


QT Tools does everything QT Pro can do from command line, even more.

Both are freeware.

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