Losing the spam war

I’ve often wanted to post on my frustration with the spam that bombards my blog, but I figured that quoting any of it would just draw more of the same kinds of spammers.

Lum does it with pictures. Uhm, I’ve just been waiting for the right picture ;)

My home domain gets between 300mb to 2.5gb of spam mails (and faked-header bounces) per day, all traffic that I pay for. I’m not a violent person but if I caught wind of a spammer lynching, I would literally run to the store to buy rope. After all – this is a war.

Roermond: Part 2

As requested, with voice narration – which might completely ruin it for you :)

I decided to run with the bulk of the remaining footage – runs at around 44 minutes. I had some footage of different vis levels and such but I mistook it for out-takes when I was freeing up some disk space for rendering :(