Internet combustible after all

I should probably show some respect for the poor folks whos lives and loved ones are in grave peril as God’s wrath consumes California. But I’m just annoyed by how its interfering with my connectivity. I’m actually keeping a DOS prompt open to manually add routes depending on which of my ISPs can send packets unsinged to my destination of choice.

I had to call Cogent the other night because 70% of our customers suddenly lost connectivity to the game. The support rep I spoke to was “aware” of some problems with “packet loss”. I noted that my, albeit quite humble, looking glass traces all seemed to be flapping around SoCal links, which he confirmed was consistent with information they had on the issue at that point and when I mentioned the fires, his “woah” seemed to indicate a leap of association he hadn’t made at that point.

I haven’t seen anything since to say it was fire related but if it was, those of us living comfortably away from the flames might not want to scoff to heartily at the poor folks in flamey peril.

I wonder, with global warming and all, if we’ll soon be naming wild fires like we do cyclones :(