Back to work

My first solid meal in over a week today (if you don’t count the chicken & potatoe I tried on Monday). I was taking stock yesterday, I’ve lost 10lbs (from 185 down to 175), which is kinda cool. The weird things are like – my knees ache, the inside of my eyelids have gone from a healthy read to an iron-deficient pink so I had a big salad with some tunafish.

But I also can’t seem to get my eyes to focus, I was going to work on some Firebase code today, I’ve been trying but reading the screen is really difficult.

I was growing a goatee before I got sick, which had a few noticeable flecks of gray. When I looked in the mirror yesterday the gray was pronounced. Doubled plus since I shaved the goatee off last Friday!

No traces of gray in the crewcut or anywhere else, just around my mouth and near the veins in my neck.