Back to work

My first solid meal in over a week today (if you don’t count the chicken & potatoe I tried on Monday). I was taking stock yesterday, I’ve lost 10lbs (from 185 down to 175), which is kinda cool. The weird things are like – my knees ache, the inside of my eyelids have gone from a healthy read to an iron-deficient pink so I had a big salad with some tunafish.

But I also can’t seem to get my eyes to focus, I was going to work on some Firebase code today, I’ve been trying but reading the screen is really difficult.

I was growing a goatee before I got sick, which had a few noticeable flecks of gray. When I looked in the mirror yesterday the gray was pronounced. Doubled plus since I shaved the goatee off last Friday!

No traces of gray in the crewcut or anywhere else, just around my mouth and near the veins in my neck.


Dude, don’t give yourself gout. Take some freakin’ vitamins while you diet. Yeah, you pee most of them out but some is better than none.

BTW, weight loss since I met you at the FT Worth BB con, 35 lbs. Lost all of it in the last six months, exercising ~2-3 times a week (lifting, eliptical) when I’m not too lazy and cutting calorie intake. I’m at 190 now, down from 227.

Erh, it was vomitting, not dieting. Had a nasty tummy bug last weekend, thought I was over it monday until I tried to eat something, two more days of barfing.

And the Bedford water has never agreed with me so I had to buy bottled water to keep myself hydrated, although until Wednesday I was having a hard time keeping water down :(

That’s the best kind of diet plan. The unplanned illness. I usually drop the use of caffeine for a few weeks after a bout, or at least cut back to one hit a day.

So 1.28 has been put back?

j/k ;)

Fat ass, go jog. Swim.. Jesus christ dong bitch about it on a blog.


Jak, this is my personal blog, most of my friends read it. If you were looking for an official CRS blog, this isn’t it, piss off.

And, incidentally, 185lbs might be far for 4ft nothing like yourself, but at 6ft2 195 is a good target weight.

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