Meh shuffle, tis pink

After the weak of heaving, I decided to treat myself to an iPod shuffle 2nd gen – but only because it was on eBay and cheap. It was listed as red and – if you hold it in the right light and maybe use the right camera, it’s not entirely unlike the red shuffle on the link.

Yeah, well its pink. But it cost me $10 so I guess it’ll do for when I’m walking the cat.

Guess I know why he was selling it so cheap now.


Ah well, if I find a non-pink one going cheap I can always gift this to a relative :)


(My pic, not the eBay pic)


The big question – does it go with your nails?



Um…yeah….does it?

BASTARDS! I had nearly forgotten that.

well you can only look so straight walking a cat anyways, so might as well have a pink ipod

Hmmm. If I get an extension cord for the earphones, I could make the cat wear the ipod and use the earphones as a leash!

That’s so crazy that it just might work.

You walk the cat?!

Thats the same one I got my wife. I was thinking tonight about upgrading my nano to the newest gen.

Yes, I walk my cat – search “baby”. No, I don’t use a leash.

Pink TOE nails FTW.

We have several cats at my parents house that escort us when walking the dog. No leash required.

Our two cats come and go as they please through a cat flap into the garden.

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