Microshaft at work

freenet.gif Maybe its my time in the ISP industry, but I just happened to notice this tiny little ad in the corner of a page. “Free domain”.

Well, domain registration isn’t exactly expensive. But the margins are pretty narrow. Oh well, I guess that’s the price you pay for making a living selling something that puts you in the path of Microsoft.


It may be free, but it doesn’t say that its a toplevel domain.


Actually, that was my initial and automatic assumption. But, yeah, if you read a few links in, its a top-level domain.

I doubt its going to wipe out lots of businesses, but its going to put the hurt on the sector – all because Microsoft needs a way to out-free Google.

Let me guess, it is hosted on IIS and there is no way to switch.

I looked fairly hard and I couldn’t find any small print on ownership, which convinces me that there must be a clause during the process that tells you that the domain belongs to Microsoft.

Quit hating on what works the best. So horrible. Learn 2 use it all newbs.

I bet you only like linux and apache. Scrub. Learn2Code.

KFS, hahah “microsoft hater”, I be you also believe in global warming and think hybrids are cool.

LOL. So bad. Get an education.

More entertaining fail from Jakkard. Please cite the Windows reference in any of the material above? Ah, there isn’t any. How unfortunate for you to be unable to discern between a vendor and their products.

Global Warming? So you know how to turn a TV on then. Is that where you got your education? I suggest you change the channel to something other than repeats of telly tubbies.

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