“28 weeks later”

An OK flick, but am I the only person that found myself wanting someone to scream “its these goddamn kids fault, just shoot them”? I’m horrified to find myself thinking it. But we’re talking about a zombie film that wants to establish a protagonist.

Perhaps its because I’m a Brit and seeing the whole of Britain wiped out tugs at a heart string somewhere. Then we see these two little kids, spawn of the guy we’ve been made to revile, who leave the green zone and start to encounter death, decay and destruction without being disuaded. The pacing and the shots leave no room for sympathy, heck the girl barely bats an eye lid at fishing stuff off a corpse.

Uncowed by the ruination around them, they return home where they find the one surviving infected, worse she’s a carrier. So now they are the spawn of the hated and the infected with no regard for this nation-obliterating virus.

I think we are supposed to see them as these poor kids thrust unpreparedly into the resettlement program after months without their parents, cut up about the loss of their mother, clinging to each other. Well, if it wanted us to think that, it should have communicated it.

I hated that the father kept appearing, persuing them. So did they, apparently, which is why they squeezed in that the first kid had been chased by his parents. Sorry, that sounded stupid to me and I failed to buy it, so daddy-zombie chasing his kids was stupid. Hey, it makes a kind of sense – the parental instinct corrupted by the virus so that the infected will actually hunt their own young, but the movie totally failed to carry it.

Oh well. At least I got that movie off my queue. Back to Deadwood.


I also liked the first one much better. This one was full of “geez, I can’t believe they were so stupid” moments.

As you say… “oh well”.

it’s not a zombie movie…


But I agree…the whole daddy-following crap didn’t seem right. The story lacked.

I got the first one on DVD… Funny is, I had to rip/pirate an original DVD since idiots encoded it in some weird region.
After watching it I said… “eh, poor CPUs wasted their time”.
The concept is awesome but director and producer are too amateur to make something on that concept. The concept is horribly wasted IMHO.

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