Battle of the FBs

This intermission is certainly a confuser because we’re not keeping the primary gameplay rule. We’ve only once before done an intermission with a radical change to gameplay rules. To emphasize the new offensive FB and MSP rules we decided this intermission would be a sort of “No Mans Land”. Yes, it’s going to be really hard to move the map, yes, there’ll be a significant number of towns where reaching the town will mean a travel – but this time it will be both Taxi To Victory and Taxi to Defeat since both sides will be spawning from Firebases.

brigadefb.jpg msp.jpg

We had a minor problem that kept the offensive MSPs working for a while but they are working fine now, meaning you can deploy an MSP to defend a 1-link-away empty, friendly, frontline town as well as using the FB that opens up on the link.

I know some people went away shaking their heads and shaking their fists – but hey, every intermission does that. The majority of people stuck around and played some, and we were well up on numbers for an intermission and on a Monday night. Lots of folks dropped for Heroes and came back again an hour later.

What I’m finding cool is the fact there are old-style armor engagements happening out in the fields. It’s very old-style slow going because people are still rushing to town rather than thinking “hey up, the enemy isn’t in town”. I fair fell about laughing when I saw people trying to pre-camp armybases in empty towns they were verging on capturing.

Over in Antwerp there were all kinds of armored battles going on in and around town – I watched a column of Tigers get pinned down on the north side of the central bridge, near the central rail station, held down by a platoon of infantry supporting a couple of ATGs. Each time I came back the Tigers were slowly being worn down by the guys holding the Ball-Bearing factory and various pieces of armor they guided in to try and get flank shots on the various Tigers/Stugs.

Later I watched a variety of high-end engagements – gnpatton in a Tiger staring down a Churchill Mk 7, both of them staring the other down and both of them holding off firing while so as not to give away their position to any friends the other guy might have. Eventually ‘k6’ merrily trundled a Stug directly across the Churchills line of fire and gnpatton opened fire. Neither of them had the right angle, two pillboxes firing blanks at each other. In the end gnp’s caution proved out – another Allied tank traced his rounds, moved up and fired a killer shot into his flank.

Had a blast playing infantry too. Yeah, it’s definitely slower, there’s definitely more foot time. But it beats trying to get out from under a camp and I don’t mind running an MSP out – think about it, FB->Town is ~1.5km and I can deploy my MSP anywhere from 1.4km to within 500m of an enemy facility which means I can drive right into town for the initial defense.

That’s actually quite a neat experience because it plays out a little bit like various systems people have talked about in the past for allowing people to choose where they spawn.

We fixed up a couple of “travellers battles” (primarily Revin/Haybes) so that the old time truck riders who have recently been lamenting the loss of longer time to battle gameplay could play there. Hmm. Total players who engaged in the Revin/Habyes fights? 9 – including me.

Every intermission has its share of haters. This one took way longer to set up than we anticipated and, to be honest, it the initial placements were a little rushed in the end, but it was just taking too long – we really need to offer someone like sres/slr/drave/xipper a little contract to provide us with a GUI-based map/deployment setup tool.

FWIW: The output format might be best if it reflected our Lua script:

setCP("Antwerp", "UK")
setFacility("Antwerp-Schilde Depot", "DE")
blowFirebase("Antwerp-Schilde Firebase")
deploy("1pzd", "Schilde")

The trick to this intermission is not worrying so much about moving the map – this one is definitely about the combat. You can’t move a brigade into a frontline town so moving the map is actually kinda hard. But so far that has just mean’t that capturing a town doesn’t mean “yay, fights over”. It’s been kinda fun so far, and I figure it’ll be fun for a few more days.

See you in there!


1 side will find away, they’ll just softcap to the factories …

I´d prefer you call this “Battle of fps” since, to be true, that´s what this is all about.
The lucky few with enough juice in the computer (if anyone) manage to do something productive.
I love CAS but i can´t do that because the friggin stutters, so im just another target practise clay bird to the allied “turnburners”

To the testing purpose of this intermission…. i dislike the intermissions so i might not even bother to comment :D

Maybe you should put together a spec for a deployment system, and we can see what’s needed.

Hard to move the map! Tell that to the axis units on the English mainland :p

I’m having fun! Althoguh the drive did kinda get to me after the 2nd time driving from Aaroshoot-Lier FB to Antwerp.

Also I was in a g4 fighting that churchill 7 =) I got 2 shots off on him and I *thought* I saw the FX of my round penetrating the armor. I stopped firing because of that. The churchill reversed into some bushes, so I thought he was definatly dead. He then puts it in forward to try to re-engage me, and I fire two more shots just for safety’s sake. He then returns fire and I go pop.

Hehe, I had some fun doing it. There was a inf lmg near that group of tanks, he was spotting them for me and private messaging me their posistion. At first his contact was a cru3. So got in posistion to ambush it. A bit later a churchill 7 shows up in a frontal engagement with me. ANYTHING but that churchill 7 and I could have wiped the floor with my tank =)

I like the new rules. Except that the fb’s behind the line disapear for 30 seconds or so after sapping them and then reapear.

There was a lot of belly aching when I loged on. No one understood the rules or knew what to do.

I was in the sedan area stayed alive for 3 hours with a pak 38.

I’m sure you guys are trying to think of ways to incorparate this in the game. A “No Mans land” between everytown would not be ideal. But if you could figure a way so it is every 4th or 5th town along the front.

For my example lets assume CRS starts adding towns like 5 or 6 a major patch. And the technology exists for CRS to do this randomly for each map reset.

Every 4th of 5th town on the map is desinated a No Mans Land. Either side can not spawn in. A No Mans Land is never in cities with Air Feilds or Naval capabilities.

I haven’t thought out the fb’s behind the the thing. But hey thats why you make the big bucks.

Worst intermission ever. Horrible communication on it, why dont you guys fix some real bugs instead of playing hokey pokey with rules.

Hmm – I guess we could spend less time working on intermissions – oh wait, we already do that.

Just ignore that fucktard, KFS1. His thread on the main forums got locked for his general asshattery right about the time he started his juvenile flame-flurry here.

The truly disgusting thing is that he’s GHC. That’s hardly acceptable behaviour in my book.

Agree with Krenn. He’s a doucherocket. People wonder why we’ve been losing lately–I put it on GHC 100%.

but but but our spawnlists are nerfed!

I read his posts as a new reader who thought this was an official blog and didn’t take the time to figure out where he was before babbling.

Hey Jakkie, why don’t you point us to *your* blog about what you do so we can second guess you, too?

How about an intermission with tank templates? You know the kind of where tanks brigades have all the tanks and inf none and sofort.

INtermissions are the gameplay laboratory of WW20. Stop doing R&D and the game dies….


-will these new types of battles be easily recognizable at the map screen so that people can join or avoid them?

-will there be a mechanism in place to ensure that they are only possible IF there is at least one other conventional battle type (AO) on the map?

-Might this new battle type give you a basis for argueing that we now need “re-spawn near leader”?


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