41 is a go

Campaign #41 started today. Try to make it last ya devils :)

PS – The “link ownership” rules for brigades (no more swapping in/out bdes to/from towns you don’t own the linking depot to) only applies to manual movements – not HC or automatic fallbacks. A few players were dissapointed we didn’t make it uber easy to route brigades with this change.


If it were that easy to route brigades, that would lead to a campaign of softcaps. Not fun.

In the Pulitzer Prize winning book, “The Army at Dawn” about the North African allied campaign; the author recounts how the allies constantly over-estimated enemy damage. Veteran soldiers are difficult to kill or capture.

Would be fun to have to RDP new units, and different qualities for a “green” division compared to a veteran division.



It needs spelling out as well, there are still officers who don’t understand these rules correctly.

The should try reading the fairly conscise posts in the official announcement/production notes forums instead of jesticulating, then.

A picture paints a thousand words.

Far easier to understand a graphic of what the new rules mean than reading it and maybe coming to the wrong conclusion like so many obviously have.

At some point, someone overstated the rule, that’s what’s happened. It’s very simple, we added code to manual moves that says you can’t do them over a contested link. Nothing else is affected. See the HC Motd when you log into game, heh :)

This feature was designed to allow attackers to prevent any reinforcement of the defense with a fresh brigade). Not to route the brigade.

BTW I got the question : if you order the move but the depot get capped a few seconds later, is the move canceled ?

The rules are only checked at the time of the request and at the time of execution. The request is held on the chat host, the rules are applied on the strat host.

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