Took a minor detour from AWS yesterday to help get the new paratroop units in-game. It plays out as a fairly simple change, instead of having one type of paratroop available in the Para brigades, we’re creating a paratroop version of all the regular units. The biggest change is that we’re making use of some work I did in 1.27 that allows us to expand the spawn parser so that we can put different types of unit at the same spawn location – e.g. trucks and atgs at depots. So they should be in the next beta :)

Technically, I’m supposed to be implementing this based on a new spawn-definition system Martini added, but I don’t currently have an XML parser in the host and both the client and the host still need the changes to the old spawn system so I decided to defer that coding for a later time and – for now – leave both client/host using some extra data definitions in the old system.

I’ve got to readjust my schedule to try and get AWS into beta sooner rather than later. The bulk of the work I need to do this cycle is codenamed “Theseus” which involves going from the client maintaining 2 connections at a time to 3. This extra connection shuts down a whole army of complications and will let me – over the next few cycles – rebalance a lot of bandwidth, host-cpu and systems, as well as eliminating a lot of sleeping dogs.

Once its done, the first visible evidence will be the mission origin/target changes we’ve talked about for 1.28, we won’t have fully dynamic missions just yet but you should atleast be able to keep your mission upto date with the map situation.


Did you say “trucks and atgs at depots”? I don’t know what to say! We’ve ALL been wanting this for some time! This will teach those who rush the ab with tanks to control those spawnable depots first, or watch out, that little atg may have quite the sortie. Not to mention the possibility of a truck leaving a depot to get OUT of town and set up a defensive MSP.

So many possibilities. Impressed, I am :D

Don’t be joking! Please :D

I don’t know why, but I’m almost the most excited about this:

“the first visible evidence will be the mission origin/target changes we’ve talked about for 1.28”

Maybe I’ve been on too many air missions where the target was or became irrelevant.

Quick question about the paratrooper part.

Is this a step along the road towards loadouts, or just a small tweak of an existing system to allow you to add the paras with all types of weapons?

Regrettably the latter, mwhitman.

Very exciting news!
Will this third connection require more bandwidth from the client?

I just want to know what project will end up being called Project Sisyphus. ;)

Less bandwidth, actually, as the hosts will be able to resolve some information they can’t currently count on the client receiving in advance.

Will attackers be able to spawn msp+atg at depots they cap in enemy towns? Hope not.

Sisyphus was a murdering bastard who got what he deserved. :)

W0000T for KFS1, especially for
– truck + guns at depot
– dynamic origin + target

I’m wondering if this will (later) allow us to switch to another mission without despawning ?
It would be great to be able to ask all planes currently flying above town X to join Y’s mission of the brigade Z. Or to ask all tanks currently South of the target to join W’s mission, etc.

But with the scoring system, the expected team-points and all those CSR data it seems almost impossible to design, isn’t it ?

btw, with the insane amount of work you already got , we shouldn’t expect the respawn-at-ML, right ? :’-(

Paratroops & loadouts .. ahh, the good old days :)

Don’t you have some game client programming to be leading? You made lead, didn’t you? I notice you stopped emailing me. What, just because I rarely replied? :)

I reply about as well as you do :)

Oh, and yes, I made lead of the UI & Sound team. Management is weird, I code so much less but generate so much more code.

So do you have a name for the re-usable components in the UI? :)


Thanks, I’ll be here all week.

Frames, actually :)

So you don’t use the term widgets anywhere? :)

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