As special as ordinary

Now and again, little insignificant I have had the strange honor of influencing something so much larger than myself. It makes me wonder “how? why?”, especially when relating such a tale to someone else. Now and again someone will confront me with the improbability of it, perhaps nudged by my own self-scepticism. The answer is quite simple: sometimes ordinary is special in its own right.

I know that from our own little “MMO” community people are often surprized to find that the devs are aware of little old them. I see people say “oh, that’s my idea”, and maybe it was, but we never read your thesis or any of the hundreds of threads. Instead, some guy whos name we recognized from a funny /report or we saw answer a question on /help insightfully later mentioned the same thing and it clicked.

When I played with the Rumble band it wasn’t unusual to get 1-3000 people in the audience. While what you mostly notice is the bras that aren’t being worn, in what little you can see of the audience, you just can’t take a crowd like that in.

Somehow, instead, your brain picks out an individual. I remember playing at the Cassablanca to a packed, capacity audience, but all I could see was <crowd>+<the bouncy girl>+<guy I think I recognize>.

I think people who say “what difference can one guy make” or “nobody’s going to notice you” have just tried too hard.