As special as ordinary

Now and again, little insignificant I have had the strange honor of influencing something so much larger than myself. It makes me wonder “how? why?”, especially when relating such a tale to someone else. Now and again someone will confront me with the improbability of it, perhaps nudged by my own self-scepticism. The answer is quite simple: sometimes ordinary is special in its own right.

I know that from our own little “MMO” community people are often surprized to find that the devs are aware of little old them. I see people say “oh, that’s my idea”, and maybe it was, but we never read your thesis or any of the hundreds of threads. Instead, some guy whos name we recognized from a funny /report or we saw answer a question on /help insightfully later mentioned the same thing and it clicked.

When I played with the Rumble band it wasn’t unusual to get 1-3000 people in the audience. While what you mostly notice is the bras that aren’t being worn, in what little you can see of the audience, you just can’t take a crowd like that in.

Somehow, instead, your brain picks out an individual. I remember playing at the Cassablanca to a packed, capacity audience, but all I could see was <crowd>+<the bouncy girl>+<guy I think I recognize>.

I think people who say “what difference can one guy make” or “nobody’s going to notice you” have just tried too hard.


Woot! Bouncy Girl!

I was a teanager in the 70’s. None of the women wore bra’s. That was the best thing about high school. Oh and the cheep weed.


(you knew it was coming)

what in gods name does smbs mean

i got the picture with box thing down lol

people who are the loudest are usually the ones who need silenced so you can hear the quiet ones with the good ideas

Picture With Box Or So Much Bull Shite

I remember suggesting that the rifle return to a couple pixels off in both axes, randomly, after the recoil from a shot. This was way back when it returned to the exact same place, and so you could shoot in the exact same spot, so if you were able to range in on a window from a long way away, you could just keep plugging and racking up kills since no aiming was required. Thunder(?) said it sounded like I’d been reading his email.

I also remember back when they were first going to limit total number of infantry that could spawn at an AB. People were all arguing about the “right” number, and a lot of people were going with 50-100. I said “For a good AB defense, don’t you want to be able to spawn and die around 10 times to really feel like you had a chance but got legitimately defeated? And don’t you want about 50 guys on your side fighting with you so you feel like it was a real massively multiplayer battle? So isn’t 500 the “right” number?” They picked 500.

My other suggestions were ignored, notably bushes that had a LOD at extremely close range that made them almost not there, so if you were IN a hedge, you’d be able to see out (or if you were real close you could see IN), like in real life. But from a distance the LOD would make it more solid and / or layered so you couldn’t see in easily. Like in real life.

But no, they like tanks to have x-ray telescopic vision, able to see a motionless infantryman in a thicket 1/4 mile away.

I also wanted grenade throwing to have a keystroke added for angle (1-8 increments of 10 degrees) and a keystroke for how hard you throw (1-0 in increments of 10%). That way you could actually control your grenade’s trajectory with just two quick taps. But they liked a maximum throw always and you have to look up in the air rather than at your target.

But brilliant suggestions are most often met with “Make your own game.”

Let me say how honored I am that my repeated .reports about the lack of AI french hookers in game is being responded to by the Rats.

hog, if they model the hookers based on the lady in your sig, you’ll be a national hero.

I posted this to “Mo”, back in the day. It grew out of control.

“Weth Mah Path!??!?!?”

It was accompanied with a picture of Howard Stern’s sidekick, Beetlejuice.

That’s all I have contributed. Oh and the interior of the 232.

What *really* struck me strange is at the Beyond Blitzkrieg Con, I met Oli. Introduced myself and told him my game name. HAH! He recognized it! Made me feel good. And Schulz said to me, “You are the guy with the ass sig aren’t you?” Yep. That’s mine. BTW, Schulz sig was very nice too…

At least I made a mark on someone, even as miniscule these things tend to be…

Two different keystroke settings for grenade tossing is worse than three-finger-firing. :)

“Thunder(?) said it sounded like I’d been reading his email.”

I remember that. :)


Not really.

Since rifle firing in real life is a one finger action, and grenade throwing is definitely a lot more involved.

Grenade throwing in WWIIOL is ridiculous.

And if your last setting is remembered, then you can just leave it to default to be exactly as it is now, 100% and 45 degrees, and people who think that is ok can keep doing everything the same.

But in the instance where those of us wish we had a teensy bit of control want to toss up and over an AB wall to get the guys lined up outside the murderhole, well, you can.

Or into an open tank hatch.

Or the window of a flag building, or the bunker.

The current system is awful, but hey, if you are satisfied with it, fine, keep doing it that way. But I bet most people would LOVE the opportunity to have some control.

What if rifle sights couldn’t be ranged, they were stuck at 100 meters? And if you thought a guy was more like 350 meters you couldn’t adjust the sights. You had to shoot high above him. Remeber back then? It sucked royally.

What if tanks couldn’t range, or AT Guns. It was one setting and you had to elevate the turret or barrel?

Gameplay would suck.

Grenades are like that currently.

I remain convinced of the awesomeness of my thoughts.


I’m glad you remember too! It actually is one of my favorite forum memories, all those early-days talks about things when we players sometimes felt like we were *really* part of the dev team. Now the game is so far beyond what it was then that our input is not really the same.

WWIIOL remains the best online game that has ever existed, in my opinion, partly because the devs were avid players and always wanted something better than what was out there, and partly because the devs listened to other players (customers) who felt the same way.

How many times in human existance did someones ” Lookit this ” give way to someone elses “Hmmm….I can do *this* with that…”

Remember- the can was invented before the can opener.


Hey, this topic was my idea, I suggested it a long time ago.

wait… no…

I told you to post something like that years ago zebbeee

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