NOD32 3.0

nod3.jpgVersion 3.0 of Eset’s NOD32 Antivirus checker is out. The interface is nicely redone, the old ’95 style UI is perhaps still there but I actually like the new presentation. Excellent performance and the minimal footprint appear to have been retained, although my system did lock up during the reboot after installing it, and when I run a really deep manual scan I get the occasional chug.

When Microsoft first brought out 95, the interface was promising but it had a lot of shortcomings where things just hadn’t translated well. Most of those vanished with 98. Again in 2000, things got lost in translation. That’s perhaps my single biggest hurdle to adopting Vista, I actually like the XP interface, and while the Vista interface is prettier with some small few bells and whistles I think would actually be of use to me personally, I found the legacy shines through and that overall the Vista UI – taken as a whole – is a fail for me.

But NOD32 is one of the first few applications I’ve seen now that are showing people have started to “get” the Vista look and feel and are starting to make good of it. Not that you should expect day 1 applications to have been showcasing the very best potential of vista.

My dislike for Vista not-withstanding, I am looking forward to Windows 7 and I imagine I will probably start thinking about Vista around SP2. I think SP1 is going to be mostly maintenance work while I imagine, as we’ve seen before, SP2 is likely to actually look to making changes. Yes, I just identified Microsoft as one of those rare corporations that – overall – tends to fix bugs efore adding features. With such a large product line I’m sure everyone can produce evidence against, but I think overall that is the tendency of their product managers, and has been since after Windows 3.11.


“Yes, I just identified Microsoft as one of those rare corporations that – overall – tends to fix bugs before adding features.”

A concern ive had about CRS for quite some time now


“touchè!”, CRS?


I love eset products. I picked up the trial of Smart Security a week or two ago and it’s been pretty awesome, though I may just go back to the AV only because that’s what I really use it for.

I looked at Smart Security but I’m not a believer in software firewalls, I tend to think that by the time the packet is on your computer, it’s already too late; it’s just additional software to present the hacker opportunities to hack.

I sit my computer behind two physical firewalls and then complain about my electricity bill and global climate change :)

Don’t worry your carbon footprint will always be lower than Al Gore’s

Fixing bugs before adding features is good, but shouldn’t the bug fixes come before releasing the software?

I mean, we’re talking about a freaking Operating System, not some game or neat little gee-whiz utility program.

It’s the damn operating system. Isn’t it a little ridiculous for an OS to have to be “SP2” to be usable?

Ahhh…. but for MS it is more than just an OS. It’s an OS plus a lot off add ons that you just have to have. It’s closer to a 1000 pieces of software, that each have their own special hooks into the OS, to make them “work better”.

I’m sure Vista works just fine when it is in energy save mode.

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