Futurama is back!!!

Get it bought.

Aside from being shiny and new, it’s top notch Futurama material and the best use of “extras” space I’ve seen on a DVD evah :)

Plentiful takes at nerds, “Box” network, etc; and lots of the stuff that made Futurama so excellent (i.e. Bender). Professor Farnsworth sounds like he’s on his last legs but otherwise …

Futurama is back :)

Now go buy it, damnit, I don’t want them cancelling before we get the sequel.


Its on my wishlist for Xmas. I would have bought it already but I need to leave some easy gifts for those in the family that would buy me a sweater if I did not leave them such options.

When I was a senior in high school(1982), there was a cartoon called Battle of the Planets, I think. It was on everyday at like 6:30 am and the premise was the earth was going to explode and the cure was on a star 1/2 a light year away. It was anamation, and the story line paned back and forth from the battle to get to the star and the destruction that was happening back on earth. It all came down to the last episode, and they pulled up short. The earth exploded killing everything in the universe.

The show was on 5 days a week with new shows everyday. It was increadbly dramatic and there were a hundred different story lines going on. I guess it was like a soap opera with anamation and science fiction.

That is something I would pay for on DVD.

I know it has nothing to do with Futerrama, and I have no idea what made me think of this. I have not thought of this in 25 years.

You don’t mean G-Force, do you? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FoO5H_UKCrw

I remember watching that as a kid, it was on TV on Saturdays, and it was about the only time I quit using the TV for my computer.

I tried watching some episodes recently. It burns, it burns.

After I wrote the comment I did a google search for Battle of the Planets. There seemed to be a lot of info on it. I must of been late to the party because aparently the cartoon I referenced had been around since the mid to late seventies. Thanks for the youtube link. I’ll check it out

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