Oops, AWOL

Sorry for the lull; I’ve been busy working thru some delicate and complex issues with some of the 1.28 features. I got my Xbox 360 back yesterday, a 5 day turnaround from when I finally turned it in and Beautiful Katamari arrived today primarily because I have such a low-def television but also because I figured it was about time for a plain and simple game.

I’ve checked off a number of tickets although the big tasks I wanted for Xmas are coming off the 1.28 list and being stayed for a 2008 release — so we have a lot more time to test and QA them; its not rocket science but it is brain surgery.

I looked at some new apartments this morning, thinking about moving, which was a significant upper.

Unfortunately work has been orbiting around a different part of the spawn system than I mean’t to be working on, and I missed the fact that the client team really had no understanding of it, or any real reason to. Between Granik, Bloo, Martini and myself we’ve been orbiting this common misunderstanding and taking a consitently even number of steps forward and back.

And the terrain keeps sort of threatening to want my attention. And I really, really, really hate our terrain system. 5 minutes looking at any aspect of it makes me want to punch or kick someone (well, not just anyone).

I hope a few hours rolling stuff up into a katamari ball tonight will calm me back down. Baby (my cat) has gone back to her vegatative state but she actually comes to sit on my lap now or sits on the back of the lazy boy with me occasionally. She was a mite annoyed with me this last week when I tricked her by opening the door to let her out only to discover it was freezing cold on the other side. Nasty Oliver.

I’ve played a little more RoK but I just get caught in the trap 22 – without a full group you can’t do anything fun, and you can’t keep a full group together for long doing Fens outdoor stuff and people still believe there is some point to their doing all the quests in Fens in order rather than just skipping ahead to Kunzar or something. I’ve only had a single piece of loot worth keeping/wearing since the first 3 days of Kunark, and since everyone Mastered up on the 71-80 spells the Adept spells are useless so not worth buying and a waste of a broker slot if you try to sell them. I’ve killed a whole bunch of nameds, outside and in Crypt of Agony, haven’t seen anything bigger than a Treasure Chest.

I feel less bad about that 2/5 rating.


I’m jonesing for some WW2OL. Just attended a Christmas party. No, those two statements have nothing to do with one another. I used to have a best friend when I was 17, her name was Serena. I hven’t seen or heard from her since I joined the Army in 1988.

Dang. Liquor.

What 2/5 rating are you talking about?

“And the terrain keeps sort of threatening to want my attention. And I really, really, really hate our terrain system. 5 minutes looking at any aspect of it makes me want to punch or kick someone (well, not just anyone).”

Hmm, could be similar to a project I’m working on. Rewiring a house atm. All the old 2 strand cloth insulated wires. lol
Well these guys didn’t even bother drilling the vertical holes where the drops of wire go to switches and outlets in line with each other. So if you mean working around other work that got there before you did- I hear ya. It’s soo easy to get bogged down just figuring out what was this guy thinking when you get to something that doesn’t make any sense at all to do that way. haha So I’m guessing there is a parallel there, although something of a world apart.

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