I played Beautiful Katamari for about 2-3 hours last night (before watching Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix and going to bed).

I say again, Ow.

Whenever someone describes Katamari they talk about rolling stuff up into these katamari balls. Yes, that is what you do, but the way it plays out like doing origami with a wrecking ball. Everything (eventually) sticks to the katamari – at higher levels you can rip entire countries off the planet you are playing on.

But back to Ow. The control system is like driving a tank, you have to push both sticks forward to go forward. If you want to turn right while rolling forward, you have to push one stick forward and the other stick back and right. It takes some getting used to – especially if you’ve just had 6 months without using a control pad.

And you’re on a timer. So I’m sitting there waving the pad around in the air as I try to use sheer force to make the ball go in the direction I want, hollaring every time I get stuck or something bumps into me and kills a good roll.

My thumbs are killing me :) But damn, that’s a fun game :)

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