Fall of Kunark

A week has rolled by without my playing EQ2. There’s not much surprising about that except for the fact that there’s this whole new expansion.

With each expansion, the world gets bigger and so player densities get lower. Doesn’t mean there’s less people, but it feels like there’s less people: In Neriak you can see the tumbleweeds blowing. Player guilds seem to be going through a recycling phase, too, so people are finding their guilds a bit underpopulated. And of course, it’s coming up on Xmas.

The feeling of emptiness in online games is contagious. People play differently when they are bored and/or waiting on people, and other players react to it by playing a bit differently too; most people will say “there is no-one on” before “how come I don’t know where everyone is?” and it only takes one “nobody’s on”ner in a guild before critical mass starts to become hard to achieve somehow.

That’s not helping Kunark, but the real problem is the lack of group-forming space in Kunark. Sure, you can hang out with friends and burn thru blue quests. But soloing them is fun, so grouping them feels like cheating or being cheated and is fun without entertainment. And unless you can put together a 6 player group, the solo quests is about all you got.

People don’t have room in their quest books to pick up another 13 quests from the next zone up to go do those so they’d rather finish the 22 they have in this zone first, thanks. Dang, my cat wrote the missing volume of shakespeare, I gotta log for a half hour.

With the dial turned back up on Sebilis loot, maybe there will be a toe-hold for grouping there again. But there’s not as much “waiting room” space there as I had thought. No grouping = I’mAGonnaGoPlayBeautifulKatamariOrMaybeSomeAssassin’sCreed.

Features, content: 4/5
Overall: 2/5

Kunark is just this big, disconnected bunch of zones. You can go there to grind faction for faction grinding’s sake, and maybe get some items out of it if you pick the right factions (for details on which faction you should choose in a zone, please attain 10,000 faction points with each faction and consult factions’ vendors). You can swim in soloable quests any time you can’t get a group, but doing so will effectively commit you to soloing for the night.

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