Adobe sneakiness

I’m checking out Surround SCM and I needed to install Acrobat Reader so I could read the PDF documentation (hey, what could be more cross-platform than PDF? Uh, how about HTML).

I’d installed Reader on the Windows 2003 Server build machine 10 minutes earlier, but I decided it would be easier reading the docs on my workstation rather than across a Remote Desktop link.

It looks like a fairly typical download page: Watch for the Information bar and if it doesn’t download, click here.

But we’re getting so used to the Information/Security bar, how much attention are we paying to it? Because on this Adobe page it’s not the usual “This page wants to download something” – this page wants to install something first.


Their page includes a snapshot of what it should say – although its clearly doctored/engineered and deliberately not very readable: presumably this has the effect on you, the user, of making you subconsciously register that you saw something roughly like you expected (in the screenshot) so that you make a less rigorous comparison when the info bar drops down… And you let them install reader plus whatever the add-on is rather than just the reader you asked for…

Is there anything Adobe won’t stoop to?


Actually, I tried this on another box and it wants to install an ActiveX control. Whether or not that’s part of the reader package, I don’t want it installed separately. I want to download the package on its own.

Sneaky bastiches.

It’s trying to install the Adobe Reader add-on for IE so you can read PDFs inside the browser.

If you’re looking for an alternative grab Foxit.

I’d second the recommendation for Foxit. Light(er), no annoying bundleware, and doesn’t decide it should be dialing home all the time to check for updates (oh, and to let them see how many people use Reader… privacy? what’s that?).

Saw this the other day about adobe and their sneakiness.

Makes you not want to have reader installed at all on your computer.

I use Foxit at home but I’ve gotten annoyed with some of its little quirks (like hanging my box) so I figured I’d just be lazy.

I grok what it’s trying to install – but that’s not my point. If you click the “Click here” link on the page, you download a single package which installs a single bundle that you can subsequently uninstall.

If, however, you “Allow” the ActiveX and Add-On installations, they get installed differently and subsequently removing Reader won’t remove them – because it didn’t install them. Which makes me think they aren’t the same as the ones it would normally install…

Does anyone have a fix that CLEANS this entire shit package out of your computer?

Yesss my preciousss, we hates the Adobe. Hates it!

I second hating the Reader. I complained to a friend that works for Adobe and he said that he hated the reader too, and their entire group all use Foxit! Quite an endorsement there… ;-)

Deleted Adobe
added Foxit. – and you can copy to clipboard!

What to do about Adobe FlashPlayer?

Deleted Acrobat, tried Foxit – fast loading times but sadly printing times were horrendous to our particular network printer (Lexmark T430).

Back to Acrobat…..sigh.

If Foxit doesnt work, try others, there are a few – I think ‘cutepdf’ is one of them.

I don’t get it. What in hell are they trying to track? Yeah it’s bs to sneak that in there but what is it they are trying to track?

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