Testing is such hard work…

Tomorrow I’ve got to set up the arena script for this weekend’s intermission promo during which I believe we’re giving away a Blu-Ray DVD player as first prize and signed T-shirts as seconds. Tonight, I wanted to add something to the beta codebase that I’ve been wanting for a while – a chat notice when you kill someone. Don’t worry, it’s beta only. While I was adding it I decided to lump ahead and add a little experimental (#ifdef’d, because we’re in feature freeze) bonus code.

Basically: if you kill someone who’s in a capture building or if you get a kill from inside a friendly capture building, it throws you a bonus point (or if you are both inside a capture building, two). I figured it would pick up the pace of some of the testing so I could try and garner some data on other stuff I’ve been looking at.

Thanks to everyone who was in Kalmthout :) I don’t think anyone has ever had to fight quite so hard to get out of their own bunker ;)

You can download the 720×480 DivX movie here (5mb) – in which you can about read the chat spam ;)

The kill messages I really kinda like. But its very gamey. Good for intermissions maybe. However, for the time being, they’re beta only.


That would be great for intermissions! Given that stats are usually down and all.

can’t get the downloaded video to play so I can’t see the chat =(

Only the audio part of the “wmv” is working for me. Also, the mime type for it is off.

NOTE to Firefox users:

Right click, Save Link As ONLY.

Speaking of flag humping, any thoughts as to what,when,where,how, if we shall see a new capture system?

The game is so much improved from its early days due to all the new spawning mechanisms. Dont you think capture changes would also have huge gameplay benefits?

I tend to think of spawn and capture as closely related. They both control your entery into the game word and then where you go once there. And the “where you go” is as important as “where you start”.

I’ve been making scenarios in Steel Beasts and playing around with how you set objectives, reward points and end the game. A large capture zone compared to a small one completely changes the way you think about the game and its entertainment value.


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