And now for something … normal

To be honest, I’ve not felt much like writing the last month or so. I took a much needed break over Xmas – the first real break I’ve had in … uhm, 3 years? And that’s counting AGC as a break. It was really nice to spend almost 10 days in near oblivion – outside walking the cat or going to the store. I’ve started the year as a near-human once again and so far I’m holding on to it :)

The old passion for an online WWII game is back, although my ego is still smarting from my personal failures last year: the setbacks with TOEs, a growing personal suspicion that TOEs may have been an alley best walked 2 years ago and that now it is as much a fly in the ointment as it was a solution to so many past problems. And, of course, the unforseen obstacles I let myself get mired on trying to get over to NetCode2 and the dynamic mission stuff.

Still, playing and flying the 1.28 beta this year has been reinvigorating. This is still a great game, and it still has great potential. I’m going to be working up to seeing if I can’t schmooze some of my old contacts into some investment. If I had now the funds I’d had when I first moved out here, this is when I would invest them in CRS. The team is small, agile and seasoned, but it is also best suited to putting in place the sorts of tools and practices that were omitted at day one. We also have a fairly excellent pitch for a “WWII 2.0” concept ;) 

AWS on Beta: Pinpoint? At 16km x 16km x how-high-you-fly and anywhere from 60 to 120 seconds of age on the data you see … the volume of space covered by each square makes it anything but pinpoint. I’m sorry, but anyone who throws that moniker at it needs their diaper changing.

Infact, when persuing bombers, the old Bomber EWS system is infinitely more since it has a far smaller range and you generally get a sense of which way the bomber is travelling between announcements.

When we tried to co-ordinate fighter battles, we still wound up having to tell one another where we were over the map. If we’re to meet the goal of air-combat aggregator, I suspect we may need to go to 12×12. Time will tell.

The new plane sounds are generally astounding; the 109 is pretty weak. John has been using in-cockpit sounds recorded with pizoelectric microphones. This produces a truly dramatic spitfire cockspit sound. And the 109 is pretty awesome if you hear it, but unfortunately the sound is filled with wind noise which adds up with the game-engines wind noise sounds to drown out the engine.

If you’re curious enough, tinkering with your sound setup will finally draw the underlying engine sounds out and your jaw will drop at the exquisite detail. But outside of that, its kind of dissapointing. It sounds like you’re in the latrine on a commercial jet liner; or standing outside a closed hangar housing a Cessna 152. In short: flat and throatless with no bite.

I’m hoping Killer will get it replaced before or shortly after release.

Overall, the new engine sounds are just phenomenal. The immersion factor is really reminiscent of the early days when sound was what dragged you into WWIIOL and kept you pinned in a ditch for hours on end going “WOW, OMG, WOW, OMG”. (Well, that and the fact no bugger would stop to give you a lift the 15km to the nearest infantry fight).

1.28 looks promising, and I’m looking forward to playing it. I wanted to spend some time in the live game this weekend – we’re running a prize give away as a sort of thank you to our players who’ve let a patchless xmas/new year slide by fairly quietly. Several of the Rats are putting in game time. I’m reading the copy of World War Z that Rickb loaned me, which I’ve been quite taken with, and my cat has become quite appreciative of my being around for her to slob out on.


Dear god.

You haven’t read World War Z yet?????

It does you good to have a break at times, no matter what you do for a living.

I’ve never heard of World War Z before, is is any good?

Do cats need walking?

I was considering buying one to deal with the mouse problem but if I have to walk it then it’s not on. I had cats growing up but they kind of walked themselves at night time.

The best Zombie entertainment (book, movie, tv show, computer game what have you) I have ever expierenced. One of the best books I’ve read in the last 2 years.

In other words, yes.

Most cats don’t need or want walking – although if you aren’t living someplace where you can let the cat go outside, you should try to ensure there are plenty of things to keep the cat active – things to climb on, toys to play with. It doesn’t have to be elaborate, some people suffice by periodically putting boxes around the house with some catnip or treats in to give the cat something to “explore”.

What personal failures are you talking about? Changes of that magnitude in a pile of code will have unforeseen side effects. Did you really expect to get things right in the first pass? Every missed attempt was one step closer to the solution.

Concerning the 109 sound:
“It sounds like you’re in the latrine on a commercial jet liner; or standing outside a closed hangar housing a Cessna 152. In short: flat and throatless with no bite.”

Yeah, and it still does, no difference audible when throttling up or down, no bite. I really loved the .11 sound of the 109. Everything after that was/is just plain wrong. Dont wanna stress Gophur any further, but I will definitely try to get a real in cockpit sound for the 109s/110s. What we have right now is a show stopper for me.

Those *are* real cockpit sounds. That’s the problem. Unfortunately they are real, in-flight, cockpit sounds, which means they include a bunch of other sounds – like wind noise.

The sound in .18? .19? Monday’s build – is much better, IMHO.

Thanks for the cat tips. I picked up “Oscar” (tentative name) from the animal shelter today.

There are some really good cat tips in the comments on these two posts:

Cats are independent, generally solitary animals. First rule of cat is that the universe and everything in it belongs to the cat. Don’t expect to teach a cat what is off limits or out of bounds, you have to learn what interests/fascinates them, and see to it that off-limits-places aren’t crawling them those things.

Also, like dogs, cats perceive some gestures and objects totally differently than we do. About 4 months ago my cat stopped coming into my bedroom, and then started refusing to stay in there if I brought her in. She used to spend large parts of her days on my bedroom windowsill watching the world go by, and would sleep on the bed at night – all stopped.

Just on Friday it occured to me that this had all happened within a few weeks of my putting a poster up in my bedroom. So on Friday I took it down. The cat has spent most of the weekend in my room.

Cats generally don’t like being towered over or loomed over — if you lean your face towards a cat and you come in from above, you may get scratched or bitten – sweep your head down first and then forward.

And cats communicate. By scent, by posture, by looks and by movement. Just because they don’t speak doesn’t mean they aren’t talking. Learning cat can be a helluva lot of fun because as you learn to read what the cat is saying, a richness of character emerges from what might otherwise seem a dumb food disposal unit :)

If you want the cat to think you are something other than a can opener, make a habbit of offering your hand: curl your hand like a *very* loose fist and lift the index and middle finger out and forward, and again, try to bring your hand down before you move it towards the cat. Its like the secret masonic handshake of the cat universe. You’ll have to learn which responses mean “that stinks, go wash”, “cool, you’re here, lets play”, “oh, hi, I won’t bite if you scratch my itches” and “woah, I didn’t order a human”. It differs from cat to cat but its often subtle such as whether, and which way, they turn their head after sniffing,

My cat will sniff and then raise her eyes to me very slowly when I am distracting her train of thought or supposed to be doing something else. If she’s not really doing anything and is willing to undergo some degree of being picked up and petted, she just sniffs and looks right up at me. It’s her version of a shrug.

Great stuff thanks. I LOL’d at “Table Tennis ball + empty Bath tub”.

He’s really playful at the moment in a kitten-ish sort of way and although still very skittish around me he’ll forget I’m even there if I start dangling a peice of string or hay in front of him. Of all the cats at the shelter he seemed to have the most personality but I guess they change as they mature so it will be interesting to see how he develops. I wasn’t expecting him to be so afraid of the new environment (and around me too sometimes) but hopefully that will settle down in the days ahead.

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