Not that kind of setting fire to aircraft

I had this quite droll piece written about how we were testing the fixes I managed to finalize today for awarding credit for fire and secondary damage related kills. Then I realized I might have trouble at airports if I posted it as was.

So now you got this :(

An upshot of this now working is that you’ll also get credit when you (crap, here goes my chances of getting a green card) kill people by blowing up a building.

Ramp has a ticket for some UI changes post 1.28 that will allow me to turn on friendly kill recording – and possibly score reduction if you kill friendlies by blowing up a building.

It was well worth getting this working as I found a fairly significant memory leak (of sorts, technically it wasn’t a leak. “vector.clear()” for you coders.

It looks like Capper and Guard bonuses are in for 1.28 – capper bonus is when you kill someone who would be capping – i.e. an enemy trooper in a capture building. Guard bonus is for a kill you make from inside a friendly held capture building. If you spawn in, run inside your armybase bunker and shoot an EI outside, you get guard bonus. If you then shoot another ei who is inside the bunker with you, you get the combo of guard + capper bonus on him.

Guard bonus is intended to reward guarding what you cap.  The combo is intended to reward bunker guards :)

And capture assists will be turned on. Capping a facility gets you 20 points. Assisting gets you 5. Yes, we checked to make sure you don’t get 25 for capping ;-P Especially after 5 people spawned thru my msp while I was testing and gave me a brief wtf moment ;)

AWS I’m very pleased with. It’s a great air-combat aggregator but its far, far from “go here to kill enemies”. Maybe we should add a 3×3 grid overlay within each AWS grid so you can do WarBirds/AirWarrior style numpad coordinates within cells: BK40.7 is the top left of quadrant BK/40, AJ32.6 is the east-center quadrant of AJ/32. AA11.5 is the middle of AA/11.

And lastly – moving a bunch of our SQL into stored procedures and views has already more than paid for itself since it allows for very rapid deployment of database changes without restarting or recompiling a host.

Should be an interesting patch and a fun campaign.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Koblenz, Mendig, Berry and Kalmthout tests the last few days.



Testing the buildings was fun! :-)

It’s so very spooky when we get a whole group of enemy troops all standing in the same place :)

Numpad coordinates sound good!

I tried for some kill credit for blowing up a building but the destruction of depot office buildings seems to be turned off. I put a charge on an office which went off and had no effect. Being stubborn I placed a second satchel on the depot office and as there was some enemy fire I stepped into the nearby depot to take cover. The depot office was not destroyed but the depot I was standing in had the back blown off which seems to have killed me. Ironic

You don’t get credit for buildings, but for the enemy inside.

There were plenty of infantry inside the depot office. The problem being the sapper satchel charge failed to destroy the building. When I then put it on the side closest to the depot itself the charge destroyed the building adjacent to the one I desired to destroy killing only me.

Some building have a high damage threshold.

It can take several chages to blow some, and a single charge to blow others.

It’s very possible to sap a builiding only for it to survive but the blast to destroy an already partialy damaged building near it.

How many satchel charges does it take to destroy a depot office?

The answer is currently three

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