Your own LOL

I’ve heard a few people, lately, griping about people who lol (that’s LOL) their own statements.

I find that attitude to be annoying in and of itself. lol is easier to type – and text – than ;-) as a way to indicate “humor is intended”.

Look, if you want to join a language preservation club, go speak French. English is a dynamic and living language. lol doesn’t mean “Laughs out Loud” it means :-) or ;) or :P or whatever.

It didn’t used to? Well, sorry about that gramps this is the 21st century. I’m amazed you have the time to read posts like this on your superfast 56kbps flex connection – that’s what “high speed” mean’t just a few years ago, aren’t you gonna get pissy about people who use “high speed” to mean 15mbps now? And besides, the whole txt gnr8n is ur goddamn flt. fag lol.

I used to have a friend called Karen who’s signature smiley was the far easier to type variant “=]” (no shift keys required). It was cute because she was also a Texan and that just looks like a Texan smiley.

Every now and again you’d get some jerk taking issue with it, as though “:)” was cannon and a formalised part of the English language.

This is English, not Latin or C#. It embodies and embraces dynamism, except, apparently, in you. Where’s your intolerance for “car” instead of automobile, “plane” instead of “aircraft”, “pc” instead of “home computer” or “computer”, “hoover” instead of “vacuum”, “US” instead of “USA”, “TV” instead of “television”, “mail” instead of “email”, “google” instead of “search”, “windows” or “linux” instead of “operating system”, “disk” instead of “diskette” or “disc”, or “show” to mean anything on tv?

Do you get out the nasty stick when someone says “phone” or “blog”?


And don’t forget to glark it from context…

But txters can fark right off. Fark!

The only thing that gets annoying for me is when people end every sentence with lol…. lol

Does the same go for smilies, Hog? :)

Lame. LAWL!

what ever happened to poor old rofl? I feel so…so…retro using it!

” if you want to join a language preservation club, go speak French. ”

vous serez d’ailleurs le bienvenu mais attention le français est une langue qui évolue elle aussi et qui est loin d’être une langue morte LOL !

I don’t recall, that the US, England, or other European countries have a government agency in place to officially monitor and enforce the purity of the Language.

Take the word computer. It’s computer or a derivative of the root word compute in English, Dutch, German, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese. Since it is a non French Origin word, it had to be given a French name. The rest of the world calls it Computer. In French it’s ordinateur. WTF. ;)

To be fair, LOL probably shouldn’t be used in French a different acronym should be used that way all subtleties will be guaranteed to be lost in translation. ;)

Whats the French word for pwned?

In Spain’s Spanish, computers are called “ordenadores”, the singular being “ordenador”.

Je n’étais pas insulter Français ou disant que le Français est mort, seulement ce Français a une société régissante. ;-P

Vertrauen Sie einem Frenchie, um sich zu beschweren! lol/rofl

(Man my French is rusty/limited, it took me fifteen minutes to put that together and then I had to go run it thru babelfish to make sure it actually said what I hoped it did; I don’t know if my wording makes sense in French … I seem to recall that “dit” means “to say” but it might be “to speak”, but I had no clue what the verb for “to suggest” is … propose?)

Oh, and I must confess that my version didn’t have the graves or circumflexes ;) Credit to babelfish for that :)

Not so bad, kfsone
At least, I have understood your french sentence ;-) .

to suggest : proposer , suggérer

to say : dire

Spelling *follows* usage.

Read that again. The contrary may provide more clarity of understanding: Usage does NOT follow spelling: Spelling follows usage. Example: Phone or Ghost. More Recently: Phreak, Phish

My quibble in usage, very common in a war game is:

Canon, as in canonical: Of, or having to do with fundamental and inarguable principles.

Cannon is a weapon of war.

English is adaptive and adoptive of common foreign words and was the lingua franca (ha, ha!…errr LOL) of business at the time of the discovery of mass communication.

French, for reasons specific to France, utilizes international agreements to force french to be a second class, yet constantly specified language (second class because the french is allowed to go under or after the English). Luckily, French is simply the most beautiful language to hear spoken on the earth. Especially by females. Try it on your GPS system: specify female and french. I don’t care where she sends me…I’m going there.

I love language, etymology and linguistic debates, but you (second person plural) have to be open-minded and willing to learn. Canonical, fundamentalist “my way is right because my education specified as correct” people are never fun to debate.

Viva la differance! (and please feel free to correct my mistakes and misapprehensions).


LAWL! Someone forgot to pay the bill!

And WTF does “mean’t” mean?

“Mean not”? “Me aunt”? “Mean the?”

Christ Ol, I mean, if your’e going to rant about ranters make sure you’re own greenhouse is in order eh? =)

My Spanish is tilted, Texas isn’t conducive to proper Spanish nor the Queen’s English. I think kfsone can attest to that. Here even among most Spanish speakers that I’ve been around. Computer is either referenced out right as computer, or if they are trying to make it sound Spanish. Computeradora of something like that. It could just be the pressure of two languages intermingling and the attempt for clearer communication.

ordenador (Spanish)
ordinateur (French)
computer (English)

All of these words mean computer, all of these words have their roots in latin.

ord meaning order, so something that keeps order or keeps track of items in an organized way.

com+ putare – together or with + ( to reckon or to think or to clear) so something that takes inputs to arrive to an answer

makes you think about how words are created and the reasons for their formation.

Oh, and I suppose you think thats funny, eh Laccy? Its obvious it’s gone right over your head and you probably lost you’re seanse of humor when you moved to tee-peesville.


Well breed, that’s why I said Spain’s Spanish. In Central/South America’s Spanish, they are usually refered as “computadoras” being only one a “computador”. It happens with a lot of words, where they use a term taken from English where here in Spain we use another one.

And lol to the “your – you’re” jokes. Sometimes I think you guys should move to the phonetical alphabet.

I still like roflcopter.

Or roflmao.

The one that I really hate is “ur”. Just freaking type “your”

:) indicates a smile. It provides a textual cue to a visual expression. It can indicate an ingratiating smile when used too frequently. Usually it just means “if you were looking at me, you’d see my friendly smile”. (ignoring variations)

lol used the way you’re discussing indicates an annoying jerk. It provides a textual cue to a thought process in someone who actually believes what they’re saying is funny, just because they think it’s funny.

Without exception, every person I’ve ever met in person who used lol the way you indicate turned out to be the sort of person I didn’t waste much time with.

But you go on ahead and have fun with your little rant :P


lol funny snail lol

LOL means “Laughs out Loud” to old-school bitnet, fidonet and internet users. The majority of people using “lol” as a form of punctuation are doing exactly what “:)’ would mean, lol is just a easier to type, especially on cell phones.

That doesn’t mean your interpretation is wrong, but assuming that someone else is part of the “clique” of people who remember the old meaning of lol … well, thought processes and such.

Bleh, on my nokia a “:)” is two keypresses, “lol” is 3 – well actually it’s “Lol” but that’s even lamer.

In Spanish, “ordenadora” is the literal word for “organiser”, as in Personal Organiser, which was of course, invented before the computer, or “computadora”, which is, Spanish for, “computer”, which does not fit in your jacket pocket, unless it is a small “computadora”, in which case it is being used as an organiser or abacus or it is a very large pocket indeed.

Laccy, what (from where) Spanish are you talking about? By “ordenadora” you mean a little book you use to write notes, phones and directions? Here in Spain that’s called “agenda”, “ordenadora” not being a used word at all. A personal computer is usually called “ordenador”, “computador” or “computadora” being used in a more technical language.

I won’t say anything more on the subjet as I feel as if I’m hijacking this thead. Here gamers also use lol. You can even hear it used when talking with someone.

Laccy is half Italian, half spanish and raised in England. Resultingly, he speaks gittish.


I should be the one to apologize for hijacking the thread. I was just using a real world word that didn’t have it’s origin on the Internet. It does prove the point that the usage of the word will over ride the original intent. lol

lol, i hate it when people use that friggin “lol” in every sentence, lol.

it makes them look rather childish and naive, lol

at least in my opinion, lol

it just has the taste of a giggling teenager, lol

oh, lol, and i hope you don’t misunderstand that “teenager taste” thing i just typed, lol

bye lololooool

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