One of the big 5 issues at the minute, at least as far as my inbox tells me, is that of player’s Alt-F4ing. It is rampant. I hope playerX will forgive my quoting part of his PM, it is typical of the messages and emails I get about this:

any plans on doing something about this crap kfs1

i am getting pretty frustrated with the game cheating is cheating and this is straight up cheating

people use it to improve there stats and it seems to be rampant

i’m just frustrated man and its getting to me

We’ve been recording disconnections by Alt-F4 for a while, but since 1.28 the information is now also stored in the sortie table. So lets take a look at how devastating the amount of Alt-F4ing is.

mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM wwii_sortie ; 
| COUNT(*) | 
|   671836 | 
1 row in set (0.19 sec)
mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM wwii_sortie WHERE alt_f4ed <> 0 ; 
| COUNT(*) | 
|      859 | 
1 row in set (1.00 sec)

A lot of those sorties are people simply exiting the game – they got the snowflake bug or something. I’m not saying it wouldn’t be nice if they exited properly but, still.

So I’d say, maybe, 2-300 of those are people alt-f4ing nefariously.

Does that qualify as Rampant?

Edit: I decided to check how many of these were me…

  FROM wwii_sortie
       INNER JOIN wwii_player
          ON (playerid = player_id)
  WHERE callsign in ('kfs1', <i>my other id</i>) ;

| COUNT(*) |
|      111 |

That leaves 748 “rampant” Alt-F4ers. Jizzyjaz commented that he tends to alt F4. Ok. Lets include him.

  FROM wwii_sortie
       INNER JOIN wwii_player
          ON (playerid = player_id)
  WHERE callsign in ('jizzyjaz', 'kfs1', <i>my other id</i>) ;

| COUNT(*) |
|      242 |
1 row in set (0.38 sec)

Which leaves us with 617 others. This “rampant” stat padding by Alt-F4 is looking smaller and smaller…


dont know about other people. but thats usually how i exit the game. I usually have to step away from the computer often and when i am in the middle of a mission i hit alt f4…. not to avoid being killed by someone, but just to leave the game :-P

I’ve long suspected that may times what peeps are
actualy seeing is CTHLs rather than alt-f4s. No doubt
some are using alt-f4 as a escape from a stat loss but
I realy think most asumed alt-f4s are actualy CHTLs.

Perhaps log CTHLs simularly as a comparision? I
expect the number will be quite higher than the alt-f4s.

I figured, what the heck. How many of those are me?

mysql> SELECT COUNT(*) FROM wwii_sortie INNER JOIN wwii_player ON (playerid = player_id) WHERE callsign in (‘kfs1’, my other callsign) ;

Barely 1/10th of a percent, I think you have some major issues that impacts just about every player in the game. ;)

Can you record the crash to desktop events? I’d bet that is where most of the truly perceived Alt-F4’s would be. That or they just plain missed since it is the other client that records the kill. Your reality and their reality may not be the same. Epically when shooting from a distance.

I’ve noticed over the years that if I crash to desk then the sortie I was in never gets recorded onto the stats pages. Kills are awarded though since the person I killed didn’t CTD.

I think people interpret alt-f4 as ‘the enemy suddenly dissapeared from my screen’.

It could possibly be a number of things other than alt-f4:
2) Max Player Vis Limit
3) The player despawned.

I’m actually willing to bet that a good amount of ‘omfg he alt-f4’ed’ was a palyer who despawned out of a bad situation. IE: he’s damaged and has 2 enemies on his tail. So he hits escape and hopes he lives until 10 seconds are up. Better MIA than KIA I guess?

A suggestion:
Have the despawn timer reset if you get hit and your status is not KIA.

Or maybe even record the distance of the nearest enemy in the ALT-F4 column; then you can show how many actually trigger the keypress that are “in danger.” I’m sure there’s distance_from information floating about there in the chat code.

Can you further define by Persona type whose Alt+F4ing? Which has the largest percentage of Alt+F4ers, Army, Navy or Air? Or perhaps by Vehicle Type to see if any particular model of vehicle or class of vehicles tend to be more commonly Alt+F4ed out of. I wouldn’t, yet, be willing to discount Jizzyjaz’s ‘Rampant’ comment before taking a more detailed look.

What I’d like to know is the difference in branches. Most of the guys complaining about alt-f4 are the air guys (inlcuding me).

Grmreaper and me (both Zg76) found an Allied HC instantly disappearing after getting plinked. Both of us had kills on him recorded for a total of 3. All three times this guy was dragged and instantly disappeared after plinking. It’s a bummer if you are playing drag ‘n bag and the dragged cheats not to get bagged. Nothing to do with stats.

Those are the cases that need looking after. I am not really interested in people crashing, despawning in a hard situation, killing the game because it’s faster/easier outside the game world.

I don’t care about stats. I don’t check them and I don’t care who I kill or who kills me.

I guess I’m numb to the stats after playing all these years. I do occasionally check the stats page to see if old friends have logged in recently. But other than that. I’don’t care.

If you want to worry about something worry about this……

The numbers of players on line seems to have dropped dramatically since the x-mas patch was going to be late announcement. I may be wrong but the game has a empty feel to it. Typically the game used to gain players in the winter months.

Maybe we need more HC tools? (Yeah thats the ticket).

To be a bit contrarian, I’ve played more since 1.28 than I have in the past year. I’m having that love affair with the game again. And to boot, I can never remember so many people on line. Fontoy last night was fun! On a side note, a good friend is putting together a new box and will resub within a few weeks.

Online numbers are up 35% since 1.28.

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