Vista Issues: Did you open the box right?

Got issues with Vista? Maybe you didn’t open the box right:

PS. Sun Microsystems have long had “Step 1. Open box. Step 2. Remove this manual and review” in their product manuals, and other vendors have items labeleld “Open box before removing” inside their product boxes, some HP manuals provide a URL to visit incase you are unable to connect to the Internet and the Social Anxiety Support website provides a phone number to call if you are one of the millions of people suffering from a terrible fear of telephones.


You have no idea how funny this is to me. We (downgraded) three machines at work for the main reason of Windows Media Center. After the second box was totally destroyed to get at it contents my colleges and I looked over the third. Mind you, it took three Engineers to actually figure out how to open the box correctly. I guess they must have has so many complaints they felt they needed to make the step by step picture instructions. My second guess is the person that recommended that packaging is either no longer working for Microsoft or is now working in the Mail Room.

For all those unfortunate to be stuck with using Vista, download and install service pack 1 (beta) , it fixes 90% of all issues that I have run across.

I was one of the many people who had to be shown by someone more experienced on how to open the box.

It’s not even a GOOD box, the CD often falls out and the manuals fly everywhere. The Box sums up Vista and MS’s current products like no other system.

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