Microsoft SQL Installer

Killer is rebuilding our internal file server, a Windows Server 2000 box that’s begun creaking. It also hosts our source control. So after 6 years of saying “we wish”, we’re finally going to take the plunge and try another source control solution.

Of the several we considered/evaluated, right now it seems to be a choice between Surround SCM and Visual Studio Team System 2008. Since licensing Team System also gets us an IDE/Compiler/Profiler/Analyzer, and since our attempt to import our VSS database to our Surround License went arse-over-tit, we’re going to try VSTS.

I missed the prerequisite that you have Microsoft SQL Server 2005 SP1 or higher installed when I downloaded the VSTS 90 day trial. When the VSTS installer wanted the address of an MSQL server, I pointed it at the “Developer Express” edition Visual Studio 2008 had installed. Not good enough. Ok. Break out the MSDN disks and install from there.

Not for the feint of heart – MSQL install asks some seriously tough questions (for someone who’s gotten out of the habbit of administering Microsoft apps).

Once you’re done, it presents you with a nice little window showing you the items to be installed and the order of installation… And then proceeds to install them in a seemingly random order, only to uninstall and reinstall some of them after installing dependencies. I swear it backed up, uninstalled and reinstalled MSXML6 no less than 11 times.

In total, it took it over 3 hours to install MSQL from 2 CDs, and I’m not entirely sure I gave it the right answers.

I guess I will be finishing this install via Remote Desktop over my VPN…


I decided to give VS2k8 a trial run earlier this week. So far everything I have done has been perfectly manageable on the Express editions but I really wanted a class designer on my current project to speed things up a bit.

I download the ISO (3 hours and 1 disk), burn it, and toss it back in the tray. I tell it to install all the bits and bobs equivalent to the Standard edition and hit OK. Everything is going great and then the installer just stops. There’s no moving graphic, text isn’t updating… nada. It’s just sitting there for almost 20 minutes playing some Dirty Harry game.

“I know what you’re thinking punk. Did I get stuck or am I doing some incredibly time consuming task. Well, to tell you the truth, in all this excitement I kind of lost track myself. But being this is a Microsoft product, one that could incredibly fuck all of your other MS development product installations, and make you reformat for no good reason, you’ve got to ask yourself a question: Do I feel lucky? Well, do ya, punk?”

I walked away and came back 30 minutes later to see it had finished installing. Whew!

I was especially wary since not three weeks ago I had to reformat my htpc because Media Player 11 just absolutely refused to install. No good reason for it. It has all of maybe 6 programs installed on it but it wouldn’t take no matter what I tried.

This installation has been sheer torture: Apparently my checking the box that said “include Visual Studio Integration” caused it to go ahead and actually install Visual Studio 2005 (read: 5, not 8) on the box, for which it had to uninstall some of the stuff it had already installed so that VS 2005 wouldn’t overwrite them, them uninstall the bits that VS2005 installed with itself and reinstall the SQL Server parts it had previously installed.

Like I said – it took 3 hours. And that’s for two /CD/s – not DVDs.

Having finally done that, arsed about with meeting the needs of VS08 Team Suite Foundation Server Setup … It /finally/ checks my system requirements and tells me it can’t install on my system – moment of panic – my memory isn’t up to spec, my cpu isn’t up to spec, the SQL server agent isn’t running and MSXML6.0 isn’t installed.

Recovery: The first two are just warnings. That’s fine, I just wanted to perform an installation. The 3rd is easy enough to fix, only then it complains that it isn’t set to automatically start and I have to repeat the process again.

The fourth has me stumped for a while. I watched the SQL server install, backup and uninstall MSXM6L over 10 times. If I try to install MSXML6 it offers me repair and remove. If I select repair, it aborts because its already installed.

Finally I notice MSXML6 SP1 is out. I try to install that. It asks me “Setup has detected you have a lower version of this product installed. Do you want to upgrade your existing installation”. Someone at Microsoft doesn’t know what a Service Pack is?

Once I did that, VS08TFS let me proceed to answering some more questions and installing Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Foundation Server, which is now at 90% installed.

Or is it?

I’m in love with someone at Microsoft right now. I’m tired. I was ill yesterday, but I spent the day trying to catch up on 6 years of advances/changes in Windows compilation and runtime and performance testing resulting clients, played the game for 12 hours of sweet, sweet battle until I heard my alarm clock go off, rolled into work and have squeezed in installing all this crap while trying to do several other things.

So you can see how I would mistake “Cancel” for “Close” and click it.

Thank god for the “Are you sure?” dialog.


“Are you sure you’re sure? I can ask again.”

I know what you mean though. It sounds just like my attempt at installing WMP11. I’d run the installer, it would install, then uninstall itself, and tell me it couldn’t complete the installation for ErrorCode:******** which a bit of Googling reveals is the default general error code for the WMP installer. I’d uninstall WMP completely and restart, install WMP9, then WMP10 again. WMP10 works great. Install WMP11… nope.

I kept at that madness for roughly 3 rounds and 5 hours before realizing that something was seriously wrong and opting to reformat. Hope things turn out much better for you.

I, too, couldn’t get Windows Media Player to upgrade to version 11, and it keeps trying to do it, and keeps telling me it failed…and keeps trying to install…

Windows Defender doesn’t find any issues, CCleaner doesn’t find any issues, Avast! doesn’t find any issues. That let’s all the pr0n off the hook. :)

Thank god for BEGM because it gave me .NET 2.0 when Windows own site wouldn’t give it to me either (I heart XIPER).

I would put it all off to having an older P4 3.0 Ghz etc. but I want to buy a 2nd wwiiol account and use this rig to run me truck around for my own transportation… SOoo I’m glad to hear I am not alone on the Windows Media Player ver 11 bug.

Let me know if reformat fixes this…

LOL, I have to install 2005 SQL server at work on Wednesday.

Having said we needed a new server, and then being told no you’ll have to use the existig one, I;ve already done this once.

Now they have decided that they need a new server!
So time to try and remember how I set it up last time.

Seam to remember with all the issues it was MANY hours. And this time I’m having to give up a day of my holidays to go into work to do it. :-(

Oli you want to VPN in and do it for me?? ;-)

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