Poor Merlin…

Last night I was testing the Building State fix and some client-side performance tweaks (compiler settings that might affect performance). I needed someone to help me so I roped merlin51, ptxl, etain and jizzyjaz into assisting me.

Some of the tests were pretty interesting – we were flying over Flamierge where there was an intense ground and air battle going on (great to see so many people flying now). My frame rate was hitting 110fps, and as I dove down on the town, not a single chug. Then I got close and suddenly lots of small, sharp, stutters. Overall, probably the same total amount of pause but spread out so I was able to avoid hitting the ground. The same build, however, gave merlin51 a completely smooth ride. He was turning and weaving over the town before bugging out and RTBing.

There was one build gave me 138fps taking off and flying to town, but the stutters approaching the town were hideous. That one might be worth persuing, I was messing with the /heap and /stack arguments in the compiler, but I’m the host coder and I really haven’t had enough time to fully grok all the relevant aspects: just enough to known and validate its a worthwhile avenue of persuit. (Right now we just use the defaults for all of those linker values).

Unfortunately, I needed to do the test as Axis. Merlin51 was playing Allied but volunteered to take one for the team and switch Axis.

Apparently it got him booted from BKB :(

Anyway, the builds are looking good but I think we’ll go with a minimal set of these changes, the ones that didn’t cause any negative impact on any of the tests, but don’t expect double the FPS.


They where looking for an excuse to kick him, good job KFS ;)

LOL. We (Sturmgrenadier) used to have a policy about no allied play. To appease the masses, we would organize operations on specific nights where everyone in the squad would play allied. LOL (yeah, i’m lol’ing on purpose). LOL. But, the only time we would get on to someone for playing the other team as a lone wolf was when they were logged into our TeamSpeak. We just wanted the security of knowing that there was no operational information passing to the other side. One more LOL. Lawl.

Keep it up. I know you guys have a lot of work on your plate with this kind of program, but I know in the end you’ll get it.

About the stutters though. Have you looked at the inf code for that? I remember 1.25 being the stutter patch, where hulks and explosions were killing FPS for everyone, and everyone was pissed that we had to deal with that over christmas break. It was a little unfair seeing as how everyone was on you guys to release, when you probably should have done a little more testing.

Anyway, before 1.25 I never had stutters, but since then, whenever I start rendering inf (friendly tags that I can see) is when I get the stutters. Like ju52s carrying lots of paras, or any big AO where I pass at under 1000ft. I just know there is a bug somewhere in there. Anyway, keep up the good work, great game.

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