Will you be playing?

After getting some solid sleep, I’m looking forward to playing WWII Online this weekend like I haven’t in a long time. I’m a flyboy wannabe, and I just hadn’t enjoyed flying for a long time before 1.28.

It doesn’t quite match the puritan, specialist zing of flying in Aces High, but the “combined” aspect more than makes up for that for me. I can swoop on down to the deck and really $*!# someone’s day up.

Heck, I can thunder out of the sky and know that the squad I obliterate into smouldering craters will all be thinking damn those new plane sounds are sweet.

Of course, I can’t tell you which side I’ll be playing, otherwise I’ll be to blame for whichever way the map does or doesn’t go and, honestly, I’ll be swapping around. I might even join a few squads and see if they have it going on with vent or teamspeak.

(Remind me to remind Ramp to let you tell the host if you use teamspeak or vent and put your URL in so that we can make it easier for squaddies to get onto the server, but also so we can show which voice software you use on the recruiting page)

If you don’t get to play this weekend, I’ll try and remember to hit record in Fraps for you. If you do decide to play – remember what I said about flying? Key word: wannabe. I might take a while to get back to you if I’m locked in a turn fight with foe who smells blood and coolant pouring out of my wounded bird, or if I’m that last tank holding off an entire armor column and trying to watch every single porthole at once for that sapper I know is going to get me. Or I might just be afk :)

Incase you’ve forgotten


I’m sure we’re running a 7-day free trial.


A footnote for anyone who decides to break out their old WWIIOL installation. Lots of stuff has changed since … well since before 1.28.

We’re still a unique game in that we are an MMO and an FPS simulation and we have competing requirements from both ends of that spectrum fieing for CPU – most particularly we can’t afford to do terrain mesh morphing because you’re gonna be pissed if the 80mm howizter 1km can see you plain as day because where he is that nice little hill infront of you has been morphed into a flat surface…

So it can really pay to hop into settings and turn some stuff off, most of all tweak your sound options. If you have an onboard RealTek AC97 chances are you only have 16 hardware sounds, and setting any more than that will definitely burn CPU.

The “Hardware” vs “Software” option for sound also has very variable mileage from system to system. Beyond my meager understanding.

Urr if theres a 7 day trial I aint seeing it….

It’s not a 7-day trial, it’s 14 day, and it’s right smack in the middle of the page, trooper76. :)


Free trials and promos on home page….select 14 day free trial…


For all you flyboy wannabe’s Bundyrum is forming an Axis strategic bombing flight @ 22:00 GMT. They will have lots of bombers and escortsand are asking for people to join them, no matter your skill level. Fighter interceptors will be lifting from England to intercept over the channe.

here’s the hangar forums link.


Jizzy, the 14 day trial has been there for 2 years. And it requires opening a new account (with no rank)…I’d prefer a welcome back soldier promo to try 1.28.

There has been a wb-promo for 1.28? Didn’t receive anything so far nor read smth. on our local pages. Would be grateful for a link.

I really would like to fly again, especially doing the deck-runs i enjoyed so much with my beloved Belle… okay. I am a noob, coward, wannabe and loser.

But it wasn’t possible with 1.27 anymore, at least over cities. I would like to see if my system will perform better on 1.28.

I’ll be playing.

/loads his BOFOR

There has been no specific promo. As Trooper76 mentions, the only promo we have is a 14-Day trial for brand new accounts only. It is secured by a credit card. If you do not cancel within 14 Days, the account is converted to a subscription automatically. But if you do cancel by then, there is no charge.

Thank you. I’ve started with that promo a year ago. Nevertheless i would prefer a wb-promo (if that happens some day) because of the rank limits, not to mention using the same credit card again on a different account. Is that possible anyway?

I can wait. There’s been one wb in my active time last year. So there is hope. *g*

I must say I found it astonishing how much the change of a few sounds radically changed the entire feeling of the game for the better.

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