I’ve had a ton of fun this weekend. If 1.28 has done anything, it has lifted people’s spirits. Me, I’ve gotten lots of chances to fly and actually enjoy it. Yesterday I found myself flying in the S-Herts/Eindhoven/Gilze Triangle. Talk about a chicken run.

Or you can download the full version (33mb Windows Media Player 9).


nice kill at 6:24 where ya flamed that one guy

your yanking a bit to much in those reversals where you roll when your pulling g’s its tought flying the 09 with its touchy rudder

stall speed is not a good time to use a lot of rolls

thats where most axis guys tend to flop it

try using some negative trim untill you get more time in the franz it will help ya stable the plane out more especially at low speeds

over all pretty good flying ya need to lead those guys when your firing those deflection shots just a bit more than you were that should improve your gunnery and help score a lot more hits with those marshmellows

if you were flying a lazer armed plane like the h87 those shots would have scored way more hits

the 20s on the franz drop out faster and that gets worse when your firing while pulling G’s

hope ya dont mind the critique :)

come fly with the squad next sunday around 1 pm central if you got time

27th FG

i loved the song

i want choo….

There’s something screwy with the sound track – I’m actually firing a lot later than it sounds like – if you watch the full rez version you can see the hits I’m producing – which is the only reason those guys aren’t winding up on my 6 :)

I hadn’t tried negative trim, I make concerted use of rudder which seems to give me a significant edge.

New version of the YouTube video

Lot easier to see whats going on

ill have a look if i gget a chance when im in the hotel later tonight

i did notice that as well seemed the sound was ahead of the picture

that would explain why i thought you were opening fire early

My timing isn’t ideal, but its not nearly as bad as the out-of-sync sound makes it seem :) And if you play the full version, you’ll also be able to hear my throttle control – which might explain the “flop” onto the spitfire’s 6 – it was quite deliberate: I saw the first spit under me and knew that if I tried to dive in on him I was either going to hit the ground or overshoot and wind up handing myself over as a kill. I chopped throttle and the second spitfire hove into view, on an almost ideal trajectory for me, so I let gravity pull me in on his 6 before throttling up again, and that’s the one I got the beautiful kill on :)

I really enjoyed that! Makes me want to fly!

Updated the full movie – its now 90mb, but it has a little editing that gives it a bit more ambience, and I upped the quality a bit so the icons are visible throughout. I also noticed (and removed) the gamma filter that was making it really dark.

next time ya get some time for flying send me a pm (weekends only time i get to play) be fun to wing up

if you got the time on sundays we form a big fighter sweep in the afternoon around 1 pm central


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