Crash and burn, TeamSuite…

For pity’s sake. “Installation on a Domain Controller is not Supported”. I didn’t bother to follow the link to find out why, its just another way to sell an extra Windows license. I’m pretty sure you could get around it by running it in a Virtual PC on the same box.

I’ve managed to get it set up on my test-install box, which is way under spec. I got the server setup and installed the “Stand Alone Team Suite Explorer”. Apparently, by “Stand Alone” they mean something other than “not part of another product”. There is no “Team Suite Explorer” item added to any of my Programs menus, the “C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 9.0\Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Team Explorer – ENU” contains no launchable application.

If I seem unduly bitter, I’m just not used to being made to jump thru ridiculous hoops by a product with the “Visual Studio” name.

Installing VirtualPC 2007 and I’ll download the TeamSuite trial virtual box later tonight. I guess I’ll spend tonight re-reading TS documentation trying to figure out how you add files to a project…

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