Death Maps

Unfortunately, they’re not maps yet, just the raw data for it:

There are 4 versions of the file:

  • deathmap.1h.xml – number of kills in each square every 10 minutes (no kills = no entry); it covers the “previous hour” – so if its 15.25 the summary contains 14.00-14.59.
  • deathmap.1hsummary.xml – tallies up all the kills in each square for the previous hour.
  • deathmap.24h.xml – like 1h.xml, except it covers every hour for the last 24 hours.
  • deathmap.24hsummary.xml – tallies up all the kills in each square for the last 24 hours.

Now I just need someone to turn them into actual graphics :)


Added deathmap.10m.xml and deathmap.10m.js

Wooohoooo … new feature *g*
But, sry, there is an error on the website datasets.xml:
Should be:

Opera always had problems with the website, but now I can’t even look at it with firefox ;)


ehm … damn filter …
Should be:

(without spaces. *hopes it will function this time*)


… your filter sucks …
Line 68: files instead of file.


PS: Edit function would be great or preview …

Just what I always wanted. now to get the cells mapped to a map. Is there an unofficial official map to use?

Cell x,y start top left?

18Mb PNG file:

You might want to save-as rather than load it into your browser.

Useful data I suppose for an “Instant Action” button!

(Sorry, I mean the “Battle Selection UI”)

Viewed together with a battle population indicator, and maybe an AO age clock? you have pretty much everything you need to select a battle that is right for you.


“cell x,y start top left”

No, bottom left – where N0.0.0/E0.0.0 is – as it says in the <comment/> tag ;-P

Saw it after posting, I know we’ve gone over this in another posting, last year.

The image is 12000 X 6592

What is the map size in kilometers. I’ll translate it out to the pixels.

Also, it says coordinates are in meters, but all coordinates shown seems to be in hundred, so each square is really a 100×100 mts square?

I mean… example:

is X from 222500 mts to 222599 and Y from 3093500 to 3093599?

So deaths are per square meter or per 100000 square meters?


<r x=”205500″ y=”3015000″ t=”1202958600″ ax=”1″ ad=”1″/>
<r x=”211000″ y=”3103500″ t=”1202958600″ ax=”1″ ad=”0″/>
<r x=”211000″ y=”3104000″ t=”1202958600″ ax=”1″ ad=”0″/>
<r x=”211500″ y=”3104000″ t=”1202958600″ ax=”1″ ad=”5″/>

Each square is 500x500m.

ive got another question for ya KFS1

after seeing the graphs i made with the factory data, some one wanted to know if i would be able to make a web page that could tell ppl if there was killing going on at different AirFields.

my thought of doing this is by using the death maps. i was thinking about finding different airfields on the facilitylist.xml and using the absx and absy to find on the deathmaps.xml. then if the file finds the certain x and y it outputs info into a file that shows a death at that air field.

but the only way to test this is by going into to game and dieing at one of the airfields. but before i can go run out and test it i need to know from you if the deathmaps.xml only shows player to player deaths or do they show every death as in a noob trying to take off and crashing?

what do you think?



I’m trying to access information from the deathmap, but I’m a little confused on the usage.
The script shows that that the proper form for the variable is:
However, there is no id defined in the data streamed from the server.
How do I go about getting the information without having an id?

Sniper: Sorry, dude! I’m not sure how the heck I missed this many comments :( Actually, the facilities have their coordinates in the absx/absy columns.

Chaos: Good call. The “id” is supposed to be the timestamp, but it’s currently taking it from column 0 of the source data, which is actually the x value and not the timestamp. Duh.

Now fixed.

Basically, you’ll have to iterate through the indexes of wwii_deathmap, that’ll give you the timestamp of the events described in that row.

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