Sarah Connor Chronicles

From the casting and the pilot, its easy to conclude that this was going to be Dawnson’s-Smallville-90210-with-Robots. And yet, the last two episodes have had a fairly heavy dark overtone. Overtone – not undertone. There’s still a little bit much Ikeaishness to the show, some of the scenes could be the Kent farm, and the highschool aspect still looms worryingly large. But its not anchored to or by it, its more like its bringing folks who outgrew Smallville up to speed. I particularly liked some of what I saw in next weeks preview.

So after tonight’s show, I pressed the Thumbs up button on my TiVo controller. If next week continues to curl its lip and bare its fangs, it’ll get a second thumb. On the other hand, if it shows a little incisor before stopping to freshen its lipgloss, it’ll be a thumbs down.

If the pilot put you off, give it another try next week – or catch last week’s show from online someplace…

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I was wondering if you were watching this one. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by it. It being fox producing it. I DVR everything so I’ll watch it tonight.

Yet another person from Firefly cast making their way into another Sci-Fi Show.

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