23rd Fights for France…

I just found this to be a very cool Squad movie:

I wish we could bring weather back, the overcast and foggy days were a big step up in the ambience for me, although they needed to be a lot less frequent I’ll grant. The main problem was that the haze was implemented using standard fog. So once you got a few km off the ground in an aircraft, haze was all you could see. Incredibly disorienting and just … wrong looking that there was haze above you again.

Maybe we’ll be able to bring environmental ambience back with the new graphics engine. We could really use another client coder to speed that up, and introduce some additional experience into the team.

Jaeger arrived yesterday and is going to be working with the client guys for the next few months. Hopefully the upshot will be even more FPS improvements (I get 143 FPS flying between towns on my old box now).

3-6 months of a seasoned 3D-engine developer’s time … could really transform our game. If you happen to know willing to do some contract work …



Occasional overcast days would have been ok but in a game world such as ours occasional is key.

I had thought it would be more of a morning fog type deal, vallys shrouded in fog that “burnt” off by mid morning.

I just wish any weather system could be tied to real weather.

Yep I realy did like the weather.

Lets hope the new engine allows it. Oh, and water! ;-)

mmm…waves and tides and currents and submarine terrain (ocean floor and thermoclines).

I loved the weather – and lack of airpower at times. I never realized that there are some gamers who only fly, will only fly, and want to fly always…or they will leave.

Weather in *portions* of the map – with 1 day a week the average for bad visibility – and 1 day in 3 months average totally socked in an area would be ideal.

Wait. I just basically asked for real weather. :)

LOL Joker007, you didn’t realise that? Almost all the serious pilots in WWIIOL play air 99% of the time. If there was no airwar then they simply wouldn’t subscribe to WWIIOL, myself included, and I can say the whole of my squad.

The problem with the ‘weather’ that was introdeced was as KFS1 states, fog reached from ground to 30,000ft. We couldn’t see any aircraft around us, couldn’t see the ground, or tell the difference between ground and sky. Localized weather systems done realistically is what everyone in the game wants especially the flyboys who would love to see realistic volumetric clouds.

As I said elsewhere, the air-to-ground engagements are just the tip of the iceberg. We believe that the only thing keeping the iceberg’s tip exposed this much is the difficulty many pilots had in finding aerial engagement away from airfield camps. That’s why one of the 3 reasons for AWS was “combat attractor”. We’re currently looking at the numbers of low-end fighters and aaa guns with a view to sustaining the air-to-air portion of the engagements and reducing the amount of bombers that make it through the screens.

By our squad’s estimation the reduction in bombers making it through has been far too effective. The bombing game (RDP, strat/logistic bombing) has been effectively nullified.

Is there anything on the horizon that isn’t a kick in the nuts to bomber pilots?

jaeger is stateside now? how’d that happen? ’tis a good thing regardless of how though :)

I’d put decent (as in NOT sunny!) weather second only to high resolution terrain on my list of most wanted stuff.

The old haze was horrible though. Even for an occasionally-flying, low-flying loser like me.

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