ntune in a loop

Ntune seems to have … uhm, issues. I ran it on coarse a few times and when it finished there was absolutely no evidence of a run. I’ve run it on Fine a couple of times and it gets to a point where it runs for 1-2 hours with the same values in the Progress / Results window. (+2% FSB, +-4% AGP/PCI).

Is it adjusting voltage settings in the background? Or have the memory settings effectively rendered it unable to write to memory so it keeps operating off the previous values?


I used this on my old system. You have to save the profile once the tuner finishes running then setup a rule so that the profile loads when you want it to (on bootup or on application launch whatever). When I first started messing with it I too was scratching my head wondering why the settings I’d just spent 2 hours calculating weren’t getting used.

Just FYI the overclocking community (such as it is) seems to think Ntune is the the devil for some reason. Not being a part of said community I can’t shed any more light than that.

It didn’t give me any options to save or do anything. Once it had finished it was like it had forgotten it or come to the conclusion it couldn’t tweak my system :(

I think part of the problem is that Vista was continually doing “stuff”, even though I had tried to turn off as much as possible – so the test results are all over the place…

For instance – I tried running the “Performance Index” test a whole bunch of times and I get variable results from 4.9 to 5.9, depending on what Vista is doing in the background during.

the save profile option isn’t on the tuning dialog or a pop up after it completes (which would be logical and user friendly) it’s just an option at the main interface screen you get when it first loads. It’s under file->save profile if I remember correctly. The rule creation stuff is there as well.

Ah, thanks! I think the thing that threw me for a loop was that not even the “View Graph” was visible – in every possible way I could see it looked like it had discarded any evidence of the test (I figured it was not-quite crashing and thus resetting itself, I’d seen it do that a couple of times part way thru the test)

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