Vista’s File Dialog needs some work…

The way the common file dialog has been reworked takes some getting used to; its quite a big change but the trick is to not try and treat this as an upgrade to the old one. If you approach it as something new and sit and play with it for a while, check out all the options, you can turn it into something fairly decent for the way you work.

But …

Its fraught with little half-assed features that are gonna grate at you. The new “expanded” path name thing will annoy some people, but I find it kind of useful – there have been variations of this under various Linux Window Managers for countless years and even the Amiga’s MUI had something like this:


Each step in the pathname can be clicked to get a drop-down of alternatives at that level in the path.


And personally I don’t care for “/” or “\”. Years ago I found normal people cope far better with directory names when you treat them as steps in a sequence… My old friend Harry could get to “C Drive > Documents and Settings > Application Data > Battleground Europe > Data” a hundred times faster than “C:\Program Files\Porn Collection\”, and Harry likes porn.

For those more familiar with geek traditional path naming, a single click will collapse it into a pathname for you:


And that’s where it earns the “half-assed” qualification: there’s no way to get back to the nice fancy fangled “A > B > C” pathname version.

Vista SP1 is a long way improved over the horror that was the last Release Candidate. Still, I won’t be booting into it except to use it for the development purposes my MSDN license intends it for.


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This annoyed me for ages too but I found by accident that the fancy fangled pathname version is restored if you select that or another folder in the left pane

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