And the horse you rode in on, Adobe

“The system is shutting down” – for a freaking Adobe Reader update???

Right in the middle of some critical work, Adobe steals focus with a popup with a single “reboot now” option which is default mapped so that any of space, enter or ‘r’ will activate it. All I caught was a couple of quick bings (I was in the middle of typing something) and then up popped a little dialog box, with no cancel or postpone option, telling me that the system was about to be rebooted. And moments later, everything I was doing was gone, and my machine was tied up for nearly 5 minutes finalizing Adobe’s little update.

What gets me is I uninstalled Acrobat Reader last week. So how did it auto-update itself?


Adobe is at the top of my list. They are Over the top compared to Microsoft on crap like this.

You uninstalled the reader, not everything else. ;)

Adobe is becoming one of the worst programs out there all loaded up with junk.

Use Foxit reader.

I bet he is…just adobe is so freakin’ sneaky….It’s *almost* as bad as having a Symantec (Norton) product installed.

Symantec is like zombie software. They just keep coming no matter how many you blast with a shotgun. And you never have enough ammo.

I’m on freakin’ dialup – when this kinda crap happens my computer is basically hijacked for an extended period.

The software industry needs a freakin lesson on how to deal properly with people.


BTW – This was in the middle of something pretty time critical, and it cost me a good 15 minutes.

I can’t figure out how to find a contract killer on craigslist :( But I just want any Adobe coders to know I’m trying, for real.

I liken it to Real Networks for sneakiness. I can’t believe they are still a company, much less traded.

Trout: how do you play?

Send an invoice to Adobe for your 15 minutes, see if they pay.

Just call , ask for someone in AP to get their billing address. Mail in an invoice.

Print it on a letterhead marked “Anthrax-by-Mail Industries”? ;)

I’ve goit FoxIt installed at home. Earlier this week I visited a website, and FoxIt couldn’t display something unless I downloaded a patch…I think it might have been for JPEG2000’s. When I tried to DL the patch, Vista said no.

Not “no unless you give administrative permission.” Just no, period, end of discussion. No explanation.

Maybe the FoxIt people didn’t buy those tickets to the Bill Gates Charity Ball, or otherwise offended the MS folks.

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