Firefly on Sci-Fi again

Damn. That’s a nice show. The things that spoil it are so terribly minor: the kitchen, for instance. I could sort of live with the kitchen if it weren’t for the vine-decorated bordering around it, it completely undoes the starkness of the set in ways even the big wooden table or all the loose-standing objects or the pottery barn furniture don’t.

And the characters lacked just a little this here or had just a little too much there, rough edges that any show would have in its first season and Firefly perhaps simply didn’t stay on air long enough to file them down.

But most of all, what Firefly was missing was C.J.Cherryh. She could have kept Firefly “HuFi” (sci-fi with a human outlook that makes for good TV) without teetering on the edge of scooby-dooism the way it sometimes did – for those not familiar with Ms Cherryh, she’s written some fine sci-fi and was also a script writer for Lois and Clark (the superman series). Her sci-fi is probably to Kubrikesque for mainstream TV, but that’s where I think Whedon and Cherryh would have balanced and complimented each other.

And in our last email conversation she indicated it would have been a project she’d loved to have worked on. Someone tell Mr Whedon and see if the two of them can’t create a masterpiece sequel to Serenity :)

One Comment

Always loved Firefly.

As for ‘teetering on the edge of Scooby-dooism’, we ARE talking about a Josh Whedon show, so I’m not sure what elese you where expecting?

What I’ve alsways loved about Josh’s shows is the humor in them.

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