For the flyboys…

I just wanted you to know that yes, we are looking at post-AWS changes. Doc and I drew up a short-list of changes we want to evaluate starting with easy, runtime data adjustments like upping the RDP delay effect of each % of damage, upping the supply delay effect ratio, putting fighters on EWS, removing the EWS spam or icon or both, and separating the air-raid siren from heavy bomber EWS so we can stop it playing continuously.

The short list is a basis for presenting the arguments to Gophur in an organized fashion and getting a decision on which changes to make for the new campaign. Some require code and some may stack up in a bad way so you might just see the simple, data-centric ones first.

Oh, and included in the list was a mechanism for lightly adjusting the resupply rates according to player populations, a heavily outnumbered (underpop) side at peak population would get supply back around an hour earlier while the overpop side only gets its 15-20 minutes earlier.

Bear in mind: resupply isn’t fixed by time its fixed by intervals. When we talk about adjusting resupply times, we’re actually changing the length of the intervals. That makes supply fully dynamic. If there is a plane with 10 minutes remaining and supply timers increase by 10% and stay that way, the plane will take 11 minutes to get delivered.


“a heavily overpop side at peak population would get supply back around an hour earlier”

wouldn’t that give the overpopulated side an even bigger advantage?

That would have been my conclusion….. because what WWIIOL needs is more positive feedback….

Bad choice of words; I was thinking the side that is outnumbered, so the underpop side :-P

Sounds good and worth waiting to see what comes from this. The under popped idea sounds like a good idea when coupled with bombing results being enhanced.

Thanks for addressing some of our concerns in the bombing community. Looking forward to playing with the changes.

So it’s actually slightly faster supply for the outnumbered side? What a great idea, wish I’d thought of it…..

I wish you’d thought of it too :( And Zebbee. I mean, I wish Zebbee had thought of it, not that he wishes you’d thought of it. Although, I’m not Zebbee and he can be a good sport so I don’t wish to misrepresent him, he might wish you’d thought of it, I can’t say for certain, only he can, but I’m just saying I wish he had thought of it too.


These are really old ideas, they just weren’t practical with the old supply system, but I designed the new supply system with them in mind. It needed the 7hr resupply timer, though, before it became really practical to add into the game.

Doesn’t mean we are adding it for sure, I’ve written the code to do it (so I could give production a feel for the effects at different populations and with different numbers in the formula). We have one main reservation which is that, yet again, Ramp has hidden important information from the supply screen and tucked it away (mouse over the Facility name on the supply screen for a bunch of awesome info) – because he doesn’t play so he doesn’t get how freaking ultra-important-vital-critical-god-damn-give-me-that-or-I-chop-your-nuts-off the info is.

How about affecting re-supply rates by the number of “CP’s” of the town that the brigade is currently in.

The would help increase the strategic value of some of the towns. Right now the most important towns are the ones with air fields attached, and a few other towns.

Bastogne and other 5 CP towns would have extra weight and importance.

Just a thought.

Will damage states of the CPs in a town affect the rate of resupply to the occupying brigade?


If you wanted to could you make resupply times adjustable on the basis of how many cities each side occupies?

The more cities you own, the longer your supply lines, the more things break down and get lost, the longer your supply time?

This would give an advantage to the loosing side (assuming you would want to do that).


Is a “Factory bombed” stat in the CSR also on the list? CSR has “Captured CP”, but of course aircraft cannot cap a CP.
(Could also include a bombed bridge).
Then we can have top 100 RDP bombers, stats on how many bombers did RDP over tactical bombing, Escort fighters getting points, etc.

To a lesser degree, a “.facxx” (xx is nation code, UK for England, etc) that will give individual factory status will be extremely welcome. It will make it much, much easier to plan missions and see the results. Alternately, a new UI TAB that will list all the enemy factories and production data (of course a UI change, more work, so I am fine with the former .Facxx idea)

One Idea I had is RDP raids effect offensive units most (Tank, bomber, DD, and Truck/Troop Transport). This limited list will minimize the ground players griping the air war is “not fair” to them.

Actually, varying RDP impact on supply rates per vehicle is feasible. I’ll have to pass that on to the producers.

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