Strangled review

So I played Horizons (editor: he means Vanguard) for a while last night.





Catchy music.


I’m confused – is there supposed to be an embed here, or some other kind of link?

I think there was supposed to be a game embedded within Vanguard. Apparently it’s missing?

“Strangled review” – I limited myself to all the good things I had to say about my Vanguard experiences the last two days.

Gotcha. The extra blank lines confused me. :)

Catchy–kind of like “I have it burned into my cortex and it just won’t go away”?….

The extra blank lines were hard work.

You have to read between the extra blank lines. It’s subtle.

I purchased Pirates of the Burning Seas and enjoyed it for about a week. Then I was tired of it. There’s no sense of exploration or discovery. I thought I’d enjoy the economy, but even that was disappointing since you have to specialize so much.

…waiting for Conan…

A lot of my my ex squadies are playing World of War Craft these days. So I bought the game.

One thing that WOW has that WW2 Online is lacking and needs badly is a detailed mission system.

There is no law that says you can’t look around and see what is working in successful games then incorporate them into WW2 Online. You do not have to reinvent the wheel everytime to be successful.

I’m giving WOW a try. I don’t think I’m going to stick with it. I’m not in to fiction or fantasy. I am looking for a cool online game. If anyone has any suggestions.

Sadly WW2 online has become stagnant. That is why I’m looking for a cool online game. The slow development, the AO system, and the HC Systemseems to have run off most of the old timers. WW2 online needs a shot in the arm.
Don’t take my word for it ask former long time players why they are not subscribed anymore. The feed back you get you might not like, but it will be helpful.

If you ask any of the day one players who still subscribe, why they still pay ? I think you will hear that they stick with you guys because of the potential the game has.

But even my patience wearing thin. The slow development and the broken promises are making me wonder if there is a direction the game is heading.

In years past. Usually after the X-mas patch. The development goal for the year was announced. Not this year. Why is that ?

We are almost 8 years into the game and it still has not lived up to the promises made on the box in 2001.

Now you know why there hasn’t been any 1.29 news.

move along, move along……..

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