Vanguard’s positive face

So far I’ve tried 5 different classes – Blood mage, Rogue, Monk, Bard and Paladin. Each has played very differently – re-employing the basic game mechanics in subtle different ways. It’s very cool.

Our choice of Kojan as a starting continent was perhaps not the best, because its the least polished and least finished – but credit it with the fact that it’s also been a lot of fun. I think it makes the austere, feudal Japanese/Chinese setting more believable.

I updated my nVidia drivers to the latest version and relaxed the overclocking of my system and the game has become stable, and I can run at extreme quality settings which really does render a beautiful game world.

screenshot_00000.jpg shot_00002.jpg shot_00003.jpg shot_00006.jpg shot_00007.jpg

First and foremost: Vanguard is not the soulless, unforgiving, child-beating beast from hell that it somehow seemed to advertise itself as during development. I’m not saying it isn’t more “hardcore” than “mainstream”, when you die, you drop a tombstone that you have to go collect to get back any of your stuff that isn’t “soulbound” and recover some of the experience you lose by dying.

But it is littered with well designed features that even WoW could afford to take note of. The “hardcore” element appears to be mostly confined to the concept of the game-world – you will travel in Vanguard, even if it means taking a flying horse. Of course, they couldn’t get boats working (again) so there are teleports to be had.

I think, however, that the dev team made the same mistake that Playnet made during the early years, and allowed themselves to believe that developing a game is fundamentally an art. Developing any cutting edge application of any kind is, in part, art, but it is based on the science of writing good software.

This absence of base discipline shows up in various fundamentals in Vanguard that you have to be willing to overlook, steer around and avoid in order to get at the tasty meat that otherwise lies within easy grasp. I consider it a price worth paying for the adventures in design and creativity that was exercised, but I can see why Microsoft didn’t.

Granik and I branched out to the Bard and Necro classes and alts. I’ve only played her for 3 hours, but I really enjoyed the way the bard plays out – I couldn’t put my finger on it but its infinitely more satisfying than the class I tried in beta. We’re hoping that Easting is enjoying the game and will play tank for this combo.


Boats work.

You plop it down, climb on…have your friends climb on, raise sails, and steer it around.

Got a 48 Necro myself on another server.


Bards are great for travel. At higher levels, you have to tune *down* your movement speed to make steering manageable. That and their levitate will have you zipping across the landscape as fast as you need.

Great group buffs, nice crowd control. Decent damage.


I’ve got some good DPS going. I bought a hammer that is just tearing up things…..I’m really liking it so far. For some reason, my video driver crashes every so often. Can make for some nervous times if you are fighting, until vista restarts it.

Are you still playing, Snail? Granik and I use Gophur’s vent server, sitting in Rats Room. We made 22 last night with Qinto and Jingfei (Paladin and Disciple) . I suspect we’re going to wind up playing Bard + Necro to Easting’s Dreadknight,.

Granik’s Necro is on the desert continent, same as you, Easting, so I’ll bring my bard over to you guys – I wanted a half-elf and I didn’t have that option on Qalia, I think.

That’s cool….I’ll be playing tonight, outside of a trip to the pizza place with my wife and son. Dinged 11, exp is coming fast with the upgraded gear and new spells.

Been playing lotro lately. Half messing with eve. actually find I’m just training in eve rather than playing.Got a decent bankroll, now I’m trying to get the skills to allow me to use what my bankroll can afford, and there’s simply no way to do it fast…it’s a straight time investment measured in days and weeks real time whether you’re playing or not.

Stopped with VG because, once you hit the high 40’s….as you’ve noted in other games…the nice stready stream of content you’ve been leveling on suddenly dies up and it’s repetitive grinding the rest of the way.

Mebbe I’ll drop in and roll a cleric and mess about with yas. Sounds like you need a healer. If I do, I’ll in-game email Qinto and try to hook up.


Well the Dreadknight / Bard / Necro thing was fine churning through quests, but when we tried to hit even an easy dungeon, no heals = no deals.

Last night we rolled a bunch of goblins/orcs (thanks for bearing with us, Easting). I tried a disciple and a shaman. I do like the idea of the disciple – because I like laying down some smack – but I’m gonna go with the Shaman (“Gripi”).

I really like the bard but the current group makeup doesn’t really accomodate it. Granik has a monk :)

We got both to level 8 last night before I decided an early night was a good idea (around 11).

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