What works…

I can’t deny that Vanguard has its niggles and its annoyances, its bugs and its oversights: its not uncommon for it to show you items in your inventory that you actually have equipped, only show, which you have to notice and not accidentally sell the gear off your back; one of the quest designers has a thing for asking you to kill “10 X and collect 15 X drops” where X only has a couple of spawns in a small mixed group so you might not get them every spawn, and they only drop the “drop” every 3 or 4 kills.

The things that work, make it worthwhile.

Its an incredibly group-friendly game. I’ve been quite surprised at how easy we’ve rolled into groups and aside from little accidents, nobody has been so stupid I had to leave a group. As I mentioned before, the group can help a harvester pull a resource – here are 3 of us skinning a turtle, although only the two Jins have the ability:


Then they have a great “Random For Magical” system which presents you with a “need or greed” option, with “need” only being available if you can actually use the items – no more worrying about gold farmers trying to oik you out of gear you actually need in pickup groups.


And for a game that was supposed to be a hardcore slogfest of travel, it actually has a bunch of excellent travel systems – by which I refer to the mounts, flying mounts and even player-crafted boats! I just got me a camel out in Qalia:


There are a number of EQ2/WoW features, like quest tracking and quest locations on the map – but they’re optional, you can dive in and play it really hardcore if you like, search the desert for Qaylay Jumanji for weeks if that floats your boat. I kind of wish they didn’t force you to have “rest exp” when you’ve not played for a while because I’m starting to think I’m levelling too fast; it would definitely be nice if it were an option.

Despite everything, it does feel remarkably well rounded. It’s been a long while since I’ve found as much gratification in levelling characters as I am in Vanguard.

For giggles some of the bad: (1: Swimming with the horsies, 2: Supermaning over the water, 3: Mobs that don’t like to come out, 4: Sitting on air, 5: Air trees)

vg-d6-04.jpg vg-d6-05.jpg vg-d6-06.jpg vg-d6-07.jpg vg-d6-08.jpg

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